Exciting Purchases

Just wanted to share some items that I’ve recently purchased because all of these items really excite me.

Warning:  Fitness nerd alert!!

1.  New Exercise Book

This book is not as good as the Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises.  However, I needed something new.  So I’m trying 101 Workouts for Women.  I’ve found a few new things so far, some stuff I’m using tonight in Muscle Power.

2.  Yoga Socks!

Yes, I finally gave in and bought these.   Usually if I can’t decide on whether to buy something, I leave it at the store.  If I’m still thinking about the item a few days later, or still REALLY want them the next time I see them, then I get them.  Sometimes the urge to purchase passes – but not this time!  I snagged these in the Yoga Lifestyle section at Barnes & Noble, but I’ve also seem them available at Target, Whole Foods, and a couple other places.

Look how cute my feet look in them 🙂

3.  Old Navy Sports Bras & Running Shorts

These were only $10 per item!  And I had an Old Navy Groupon to use before the end of July, so I really didn’t spend much at all!  The “So Long Nasty Workout Gear” post from Carrots N Cake a few weeks ago really inspired me to get some new stuff since I can’t even remember the last time I bought a new sports bra.  Literally years ago!?!  Ew, Athena.  Ew.

4.   New Snack

Whole Foods’ roasted & unsalted Organic Soynuts.  Doesn’t sound that good, but I keep reading about these in some other healthy living blogs so I decided to give them a whirl.  I’ve been munching on them tonight and they actually taste pretty good.  They give you that crunchy feel that you would get from eating a potato chip, so you get that “I’m snacking” satisfaction, but these are actually good for you!  Another health benefits of soy nuts article here.

Sidenote:  While I was catching up with my aunt on the phone today, she requested suggestions for new healthy snacks.  My suggestion for today aside from the soynuts is plain oatmeal with sliced up peaches in it.  (Thanks Katrina!)  The peaches add a little sweetness and flavor to the plain oatmeal without having to load it up with sugar or cinnamon.  Yummy!

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