More Fun Birthday Things

Tomorrow I turn 26.  That doesn’t have to count as “upper” twenties, does it?  I think I’ll still say I’m mid.

I took the day off and since I already had my birthday celebrations with my friends and family this past weekend, tomorrow will be a nice day spent with Tim.  We are going to go to the beach, I’m getting a much needed massage (which will hopefully help with the shoulder/arm pain I’ve been experiencing lately – GRRR), and then we are going out to dinner.  Should be a good day.  I’m still teaching my 6am class on Thursday morning.


Random Birthday Things:

Uncle Chris and Uncle Dan sent me a really funny food-related card:


Totally appropriate for me and my friends 🙂

At work, Colleen surprised me with a new workout headband (matching to one she has of course!) and a lululemon lunch bag.  One of those red ones that has all those inspirational quotes on it.  I’ve actually wanted one for a long time and was so excited for the bag that Colleen was like “UMM there is something IN the bag, Athena.”  I love them both!  I’m sure Katrina does too since I’ve been stealing her lunch bag every day 🙂

Aren’t these quotes fun?

And my new headband and CBC tank top?

Creepy self portrait?  Not so much.

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite inspirational / motivational / healthy living quote?

Have a great night everyone!

10 thoughts on “More Fun Birthday Things

  1. Happy Birthday!!! I turned 26 in April and i have been having such a GREAT year, so i hope the same for you! Class last night was awesome, by the way:) sorry we were being talkative and goofy, but with the way my sister was doing the ‘around the circle’ exercises, it was hard not to be like that!


  2. 26 is def mid-twenties Athena. 20-23= early twenties, 24-26= mid, and beyond = late (in my opinion anyways). So enjoy your mid-twenties! Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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