Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Picture:  Cute chips & guac serving idea seen at one of the Halloween parties this weekend!

I just got in from a half day at work, a dentist appointment, and a couple of errands.  My town already has trick or treaters everywhere!  I don’t remember ever going out at 4 to trick or treat when I was younger.  But maybe since the kiddos are all getting their candy from the local businesses in the town center, that’s why they are going early?

On my way out of the post office, I overheard a couple of siblings chatting about the Starbursts they just got:

Girl:  These are the healthiest candy for you.
Boy:  How come?
Girl:  Because they have fruit in them!
Boy:  And you still like them?

I thought that was funny.

To read about some of the health(ier) candy options out there, check out this article in Women’s Health.  Reviews some of the better chocolate bars to choose.

Anyone doing anything for Halloween tonight?  I think I’m a bit Halloween-ed out after the weekend.  My night is going to consist of spin class, maybe making a new mix for this week’s classes, writing a few blog posts ahead of time (I have a very busy week/weekend ahead of me), and probably watching last night’s episode of Homeland.  Anyone else been watching this new series?  It’s about an American prisoner of war that has been kept alive for eight years overseas and just returns home – the unknown is whether he has turned for the other side and is part of a possible terrorist attack.  I get scared and cover my eyes throughout the whole thing, but it’s really good.  Maybe that counts as Halloween-ish since I think it’s so scary?

Fitness Tip of the Day:  Plan your week’s workout ahead of time.  I find that if I schedule them into my calendar, I’m a lot more likely to stick with what I have in mind at the beginning of the week.  Use your Monday mornings to map out a plan!

I’ll go first.

  • Monday:  Spin Class + Ab Workout
  • Tuesday:  Elliptical Workout + Teach Circuit Training
  • Wednesday:  Spin Class + Ab Workout
  • Thursday:  Teach Circuit Training in AM, BalletFIT in the PM
  • Friday:  Possible AM Workout TBD, depending on how much I accomplish this week and how my legs feel after Thursday’s double session.
  • Saturday:  Off 
  • Sunday:  Off

Your turn!

Question(s) of the Day:

  • What are your Halloween plans tonight?
  • What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
  • What are your fitness plans for the week?

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Halloween plans are to pass out candy. Trying to workout at home because my gym is closed – no power yet! What a disappointment but plan for the week is Tuesday – Zumba, Wed. – weights class and Zumba, Thursday – off, Friday – Abs and weights. Favorite candy – Milky Way! Happy Halloween, and, favorite TV show for Halloween, is the Charlie Brown special.


  2. Monday: Teach Cutz, take yoga, teach LiveStrong
    Tuesday: Teach Kix, take your class! No Kix for you, shoulder gal? 😦
    Wednesday: am Spin, meeting prevents me from CBC that night. 😦
    Thursday: Teach LiveStrong, elliptical, Martial Arts at CBC
    Friday: Teach Cutz
    Saturday: off!
    Sunday: Bike
    My Halloween plans are obvious–carting my kiddos around in the snow to trick or treat!


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