Move of the Week: Kneeling Glute Press

Time for this week’s Move of the Week!

Did you guys notice the new format on my site for all these “Move of the Week” posts?  If you go to my “Fitness” tab at the top, you will get a drop down.  Within that first drop down there is a new page called “Instructionals.”  I then categorized a further sub-menu off the “Instructionals” page where I have a list of different pages.  Each of these pages is based on the part of body you are looking to target, to making searching and navigating a little easier and more individualized.  I can’t wait until I build up a whole library of moves!  Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think.  I welcome your opinion on how I can make this as user-friendly as possible.

Up for this week’s Move of the Week post…

Kneeling Glute Presses

Step 1

Kneel with your hips over your knees and your shoulders over your hands.  Keep your back neutral, as you don’t want to curve or arch it.

Step 2

Engage your abs, then lift one knee slightly off the floor and bend 90 degrees.  Press your leg out behind you up towards the ceiling, maintaining a 90 degree bend in your knee until your knee is even with your hip.

Make sure that foot stays flexed and is parallel to the ceiling.  Again, you don’t want to completely arch your back as you press your foot toward the ceiling.

Squeeze your butts!

Step 3

Lower your knee back down.

Repeat this for a fitness level appropriate number of reps and sets.  Try starting with 3 sets of 8 and gaging where you are.  You can always decrease or increase as necessary.

If you are more advanced you can try adding a dumbbell behind the knee of the working leg.  You will definitely feel it more once you have some extra weight there!

Other ways to switch up this move include crossing the working knee over the opposite calf so you are working at an angle.  This just targets different muscle fibers in the glutes.  You could try alternating between the regular glute press or the crossover glute press, or you could do them as part of different sets on different workout days.  Either way!

If you take my classes you know that I absolutely love to complete this move after we’ve gone through the established sets/reps by holding the leg up in the 90 degree angle position, squeezing the glute, and doing quick, tiny, little presses (pulses) up toward the ceiling.  Once done with those, I say “Squeeze and press a little higher,” then “a little higher!”, then “one last time – SQUEEZE!” and then I let my class members relax.  It’s quite the butt burner and everyone moans and groans but I think secretly loves it.

And then they all release their legs down so fast, I make some lame joke about how we’re so lucky we get to work the other leg so we’re even, and everyone laughs like this:

Orrrrr there’s crickets.

Either way.

Go give these a try!  Any questions, as always please feel free to contact me.

Ready, set, what’s your favorite butt exercise?!

DIY Valentine’s Day Gift: Customized Beer Bottles

Last Valentine’s Day related post!  And it’s another DIY homemade present.

When I found this idea floating around Pinterest, I knew it would be perfect for Tim’s Valentine’s Day present!

Customized Beer Bottles

How fun are these!?

Supplies Needed

  • 12 pack of beer ($12.99 case of Magic Hat Spring Fever Mix, from Martignetti’s)
  • Scrapbooking Paper:  $1 section of Target (same pack of paper I used for the Valentine’s Day Candy Jars)
  • Heart and Lips Stickers:  $1.99 from CVS
  • Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Sticker Words:  $1.99 from Target
  • Rest of the supplies (Glue, Markers, Scissors, other Scrapbooking stickers):  Already had

Total Cost:  $17!
Total Time:  2 hours  (Do this with a 6 pack if you want to spend less time)
Risk Factors:  Do not use REAL glue.  It takes hours to get out of your skin if you accidentally get it on yourself.  If this happens, please revisit the “Total Time” category and increase accordingly.

The ‘How To’ Breakdown

  • Cut out label sized pieces of construction paper.  I just kind of eyeballed it, no measuring involved.  I over estimated most so then I could just trim down to size.
  • Decorate as you think appropriate!  For me, this included coming up with one witty beer/love pun to write on the custom label and/or write out in stickers, and then decorating the rest with the other scrapbooking supplies.
  • Glue on, and you’re done!

I probably made up about half of the custom labels, the others I found online.  My final grouping?

“Hoppy Valentine’s Day”

“Pale Ale for my favorite male”  (For the IPA!)

“Brewed with lots of hugs and kisses just for you!”

“Stout for my stud”

“U + Me = US”  (This one was for the Plus Minus beer)

“3/4 pint happiness, 100% love”

“Beer:  Boyfriend Happiness Enhancer”

“Malt for my man”

“Love lager”

“When I’m with you, I’m on cloud #9  (This one was for the #9 beer)

“I love you beery much.”

“Brew for you!”

I’ll let you guys decide which I made up and which I didn’t. 

Tim was so confused when I showed up at his house after class with this, and then told him to open his present.  He just thought I wanted to get drunk!  NOT after Two A Day Tuesday!  haha it was just so funny the look on his face when I told him to take the bottles out one by one.  He figured it out soon enough though.  😉

Along with the white chocolate peanut butter hearts, leftover M&M Pretzel bites, some Valentine’s Day boxers, Burnin Love BBQ Sauce (get it?!), a Take5 Bar, and a book about the Bruins, I think Tim cleaned up nice for Vday this year.  And so did I with my new baking stuff!  New mini muffin baking tins (so I don’t have to borrow Shannon’s again like I did the last time I made mini cupcakes), a frosting gun / decorating kit for cupcakes woohoo!, little cupcake wrappers, and of course my fabulous dinner out the other night.

Was a great year for Valentine’s stuff all around.

And now Tim gets to drink some masculine beers when hanging out with his friends.

What’s the best DIY gift you’ve ever given or received?