Things I’m Loving Lately: February 2012 Edition


It’s a short month, which means I’m way past “mid month.”


Here are some things I’m loving this month:

Tuna and Avocado

Anyone else think tuna and avocado make for a phenomenal pair?  I’ve steered away from my lettuce salad kicks lately and instead have been into trying out different tuna and chicken salad recipes instead.  I must say, the tuna and avocado combo has been my favorite and I’ve enjoyed it as a salad, as a sandwich, and as a wrap.

In this picture:  Tuna, avocado, chopped tomato, chopped celery, chopped red onion, ground pepper, and a little olive oil.  So delish!


I’m addicted.  Enough said.

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Themed Workout Playlists for Class

I’m sure you guys have noticed these throughout my workout posts, but I’ve been totally digging using theme playlists for my classes lately.

In case you’ve missed any, here they are!

Anyone have any other suggestions for theme playlists I can use?  Inspired by Glee a couple of weeks ago, I’m already planning out a sweet Cinco De Mayo playlist for the spring.  I definitely take requests, so keep ’em coming!

Do It Yourself Projects

I still need to create a section dedicated to this on my actual blog site, but how fun are DIY projects?!

Customized Beer Bottles

Candy Jars

I hope to bring you guys more of this kinda stuff soon!

My New Face Makeup

Random, because I never post anything beauty or fashion related.  But my roommate Trina convinced me to try a new face makeup, and I must say that I really like it!

Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hr Makeup.  It’s a little expensive, $12 at CVS for this little bottle (ok maybe that’s not bad, but I literally buy the cheapest brands ever so it’s expensive to me).  But this helps me not look like a pasty ghost in the winter and the makeup goes on smooth and stays on all day, even through my gym workouts.

I’ll be buying this again, but waiting until I have a sweet CVS Extra Bucks coupon to help cut the cost.

What are you guys loving lately?  Any of the same things I am?  Anything different?  Tell me, tell me!

Off to Vermont for the long weekend!

Party Like a Kix Star: Jen’s Goodbye Festivities

Good morning, folks!  Hope everyone had a wonderful week and you aren’t too sick of me after all my Valentine’s Day posts.

I know this particular post has been a long-awaited entry, so I’m sorry to keep you guys my gym ladies waiting!

As you’ve probably figured out by now, my dear friend Jen is moving to Calgary next week.  So not only is she moving out of the country to Canada, but she’s moving to West Coast Canada!  AHHHH.  So far away!  😦

Jen and I became friends because we took many of the same classes at the Y where I teach, she started going to CBC around the same time I started going, and she eventually became a fellow Y instructor as well.  We read all the same blogs, have the same appreciation for awkward moments, and are just on the same page!  I probably see Jen more during the week than I see my own roommates, given the amount of time we spend in the gym.  That being said, a LOT of my fitness adventures (and just recently non-fitness activities too) in the past year have included Jen!

So of course when Jen announced her big news a couple of months ago, I was super sad but immediately thought it would be the perfect excuse to host a going away party and invite all the gym ladies that I’ve grown closer to over the past year!  Of course, everyone was really into the idea!

Sidenote:  Other people thought it was weird I was having a party for people I workout with.  I told them they were stupid and these people are more fun than the couch and potato chips.  🙂

We came up with a phenomenal “healthy living” themed potluck menu that consisted of:

  • Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Quinoa Salad
  • Citrus Infused Strawberries
  • Lemon Garlic White Bean Dip + Mini Pitas + Veggies
  • Carrot Ginger Soup
  • Tomato Basil Skewers
  • Cookie Dough Dip with Animal Crackers
  • Mini Tacos
  • Raspberry Crisp
  • And lots and lots of wine, punch, and champagne

I’ll be posting some of these recipes in separate posts over the next few weeks!  But for now, some of the food pictures:

We also had American themed decorations of course, in honor of Jen’s last week in the country.

And a Canadian flag too!

Other fun pictures:

Group Shot

Group Jab

Pick Your Punch

Why We're Gonna Miss This Girl

The night eventually lead to some dancing, aka Kickboxing routines, at Common Ground.  We definitely busted out “Give Me Everything” and “On the Floor” and had a crowd encircling us and asking who we were.  One girl even said, “There’s a line dance to this song?!”  Hilarious!

We had such a good time!

For the full album of pictures, click over to my Facebook album!

Jen, we’re really going to miss you!  We already do.  😦

Question of the day:  Have you ever had a good friend move really far away?