One of Them Days

Today has just been one of them days.

One of them days where work was nonstop.

One of them days where little things are bothering me.

One of them days where big things are bothering me too.

One of them days where I had to have a little pep talk with myself to force myself to the gym.  This doesn’t happen often.

One of them days where the gym made me feel better.  This always does.

One of them days where I did a “sweaty twenty” on the elliptical…

A Sweaty Twenty

…and then did the Cardio Heavy Circuit from the day I told the world I was a sweaty beast.

Cardio Heavy Circuit Workout

Nice moment in the midst of my day (because I need to look for the silver lining, right?):  One woman came up to me as I was busting out medicine ball ab work and told me that I was so strong.  She said she wished she could work out like me.  That was kinda cool.  I gave her some personal trainer-ish words of encouragement and was on my way.

Me at the gym

One of them days where I came home in a whirlwind.  Made lunch for tomorrow.  Whipped up a batch of my cucumber and black-eyed pea salad to have on hand for the week.  Currently blogging as I’m scarfing down dinner now (still getting through all that leftover pork), and then it’s about three hours of work ahead of me before I can even think about sleeping.

Worst part of my day?  Completely forgot to sign up for Kix tomorrow and I’m 47th on the waitlist.  That might ruin tomorrow too.  I’ll try not to think about it for now.  I think instructors should be exempt from the sign up.  Just saying.  (Is it sad that really is the worst part of my day?)

Tomorrow I promise to have a happier post.  Sorry for being a grump!!

Leave me a happy comment!!!


5 thoughts on “One of Them Days

  1. Ah, I have had 30 of them days…in a row. What keeps me going? I am with someone I love and who loves me back (bonus on the him loving me back part) I am healthy (so lucky for that!)that I can really push myself to workout (even when I don’t want to) and I have so many things to look forward to in life!
    Wow, I just got sappy there for a bit.


  2. Hmm well my best attempts at making people feel better involves jumping on them and bear hugging them, and then forcing food and alcohol down their throat while spooning with them until they agree that all is ok with the world again. Since I’m a little far away to do all of that, I’ll just have to give you a virtual hug. Also, I just found out that I have bed bugs in my apartment, so at least your house isn’t infested with the grossest things ever? Silver lining hehe. (Oh, and if none of this works, I will have to enact some of my fellow PCDCers in the Boston area to contact improv and scallop you out of this slump)


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