Vermont Culinary Weekend: A Saturday in Downtown Burlington

Overdue post much?

I still haven’t gotten around to posting the rest of our adventures in Vermont.  Yes, the weekend getaway we had over President’s Day Weekend in FEBRUARY.  This post will sum up our Saturday afternoon in downtown Burlington.  Which by the way, is such a cute little town!

Better late than never, right?

First we enjoyed a delicious lunch at this cute little place called Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup.

I immediately knew it would be a good lunch when I saw the big salad bar as we walked in.  My kinda place!

I piled my plate up with fresh awesomeness, and it was the perfect lunch after the workout Tim & I did at the Essex Spa’s gym facilities that morning.

After lunch we walked around a bit.  I loved, loved, loved walking around all the shops there.  Church Street is awesome!  It was a cloudy day, but we still had a great time.

My favorite shop (besides lulu) was The Outdoor Gear Exchange.  Of course I had to snap a picture of the sign that said “Clothing and Equipment for an Active Life!”

After lunch, shopping, and getting the world’s most disappointing cup of coffee EVER, we decided to stop at The Magic Hat Brewery on our way back to the hotel.

We got there right in time for the 4:00 tour.

The tour ended up being really boring and Tim and I couldn’t stand the girl’s voice that was giving the tour (is it really necessary to say “like” and “um” 12 times each per sentence?!), so we snuck out a little early.

Sampling some brewski’s for free sounded much more exciting to us!

We had fun sampling some new flavors.  I really liked Circus Boy!  That was my beer of choice this weekend too, it’s a delicious Hefeweizen.

Tim left with a growler.

And I left with a Magic Hat sweatshirt that Tim bought for me!

The sweatshirt was EXTRA exciting because the guy rang it in incorrectly and Tim got it for WAY cheaper than it was supposed to be.  I’ve been living in this thing ever since!

Was a great little Saturday.  🙂

Have you guys ever been to Burlington, Vermont?  Do you drink Magic Hat beer?  Ever accidentally gotten for something cheaper than it was originally supposed to be?  Feel like sharing anything else I didn’t ask you?


7 thoughts on “Vermont Culinary Weekend: A Saturday in Downtown Burlington

  1. I spent a lot of time in Burlington last summer for work, and I totally fell in love with it! I never made it to Magic Hat, but that is definitely on the list for next time.


  2. Since I started my current job 11 yrs. ago in which Vermont is in my sales territory, I have been to Burlington at least 9 times each and every year. I really enjoy it as the mountains across Lake Champlain are absolutely gorgeous. The restaurants and bars are great as it is a huge college town with the University of Vermont in the middle of it. Church St. is really fun. It is also not far from the Ben and Jerry’s factory, the Vermont Teddy Bear factory, NY state, and Canada. I have always found the people friendly. If I had to live in Vermont, this would be the place as they have a lot of things we have here, but it adds the scenery to give a great feel to being there. Good, quality living!


  3. I went to St. Mike’s, which is 10 minutes from Burlington, so we spent many nights and saturday’s/sundays on church street! so many awesome restaurants!


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