Easter Egg Bracketology

Anyone have any super weird family traditions for holiday get-togethers?

Here’s one for ya.

Every year on Easter Sunday, my dad puts together a little Easter egg cracking tournament.  Oh yes.  It’s probably the most ridiculous ten minutes you’ll ever witness in your life.

It’s also complete with a bracket that for some reason we like to call bracketology.  Don’t ask.

Easter Egg Bracketology

First, my dad writes down everyone’s names.  Then my cousin Greg picks the names one by one out of a hat, while my dad announces who will be cracking their egg against each other.  “And… Athena will be cracking her egg versus…. Uncle Dan!!!!”  There’s a lot of yelling and screaming that occurs, no matter whose name is announced at what time.

Easter egg bracketology gets very intense you know!

There’s a final four…

…and a drum roll for the final round…

Papou with the win!!!

Awesome pic, right?!

My family will be talking about this for months.

Tell me about your family traditions!

Off to teach Core Strength and work the floor at the Y tonight — if you’re around, come in and say hello!

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