Weekly Workouts


Just checking in quickly with my weekly workout post.

Last week I pulled a 6 day in a row workout streak, which is unusual for me:

Sunday:  Off
20 Minute Cycle + Taught Core Strength
Two A Day Tuesday  (Liz’s Kickboxing, then taught Circuit)
Two A Day at CBC (Ashley’s Cutz, then Liz’s Kickboxing)
Taught Circuit
Taught Spin
Taught Kickboxing

Normally I would throw in an extra rest day in there, but I took on a lot of extra classes and wanted to support Ashley and Liz at CBC on Wednesday.  I must tell you, I feel great!  But it also feels great to rest my body today too. 

Here’s my plan for this week:

Sunday (today):  Off
20 Minute Cycle + Teaching Core Strength
Two A Day Tuesday — both Liz and I are teaching Cinco De Mayo theme classes!  It’s gonna be fun, and we have prizes too!
Off or TBD
Teaching Circuit, probably with Cinco De Mayo again for the folks that can’t make it Tuesday night
Teaching Spin
Off or TBD

What did you guys do for workouts last week?  How are your bodies feeling?  What’s on tap for this one?  Who will be at Cinco De Mayo class?!

Have a great Sunday!  I’m off to a Bacon and Beer Boston Harbor Cruise — don’t you think that after 6 straight days at the gym that I deserve it?!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. My workouts were good for the week but felt sort of sore on Saturday!
    Abs/weights on Mon, Wed, Fri, and kickboxing on Thurs at RMA and with Athena on Sat.(great class) This week probably the same with a Zumba Cinco de Mayo class on Friday plus Jazzercise on Sat. – should be a good week!


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