Two Truths and a Lie (and some other things)

Hello friends.  Hope you are having a nice rainy day, despite the rain.  Of course if you don’t live in the Boston area, you may not be having rain.  In that case, I envy you!  Dreary day here.

Yesterday was a long Monday.  I worked 7:30 – 4, then immediately shot over to the Y where I taught a 20 minute Core Class and then worked the floor until 10:30.  Yay 14 hour workdays.  I am starting to get the hang of things though, which is positive, but there’s still a lot to learn.

Core Strength 500 Ab Challenge

I wanted to share the ab workout I taught last night, if any of you are looking for a core challenge.  I just went to write “kick butt ab workout” instead of “core challenge”, but that doesn’t really make sense.  Wouldn’t it just be a kick-ab ab workout?

I digress.

I made this little gem up myself:

Anyone think they can do it?!  If you do end up trying it, I recommend tackling them in groups of 100, which you’ll notice are split up by the cardio heavy moves (mountain climbers and plank jacks).  That can be your rest/stretch time.  Oh yeah, and make sure to warmup.  You won’t want to just go into this cold.

Hangry Monday

Something terrible happened yesterday.  I forgot part of my lunch.  Not even my entire lunch.  Just part of it.  And it legit ruined my entire day.  Is that pathetic?

I’m thinking no, since 12 people apparently share my sentiments:

Since I work a 14 hour workday now on Mondays, I need to plan my food carefully.  Yesterday I planned like this:

  • Breakfast:  Low-fat cottage cheese with cinnamon and blueberries
  • Snack:  Banana
  • Lunch:  Spinach greens with avocado, mushrooms, onion, mozzarella cheese, and leftover steak tips + Passion Fruit Chobani yogurt
  • Snack:  Sliced Strawberries
  • Dinner:  Tuna, tomato, avocado, and onion mixed together on a multi-grain Arnold’s sandwich thin.
  • Snack:  Sliced celery with peanut butter

So, the ONLY thing I forgot was the leftover steak for my salad.  But I really felt the difference in my hunger levels sans protein, and ended up eating my tuna sandwich at 4pm.  Leaving me REALLY cranky during my floor hours when all I had to rely on were my celery sticks and the vending machine Clif bar I had to resort to.


Two Truths and a Lie

Yesterday at my day job I attended a meeting for all senior staff in my division.  The meeting kicked off with a silly icebreaker.  Normally I’m not a big fan of icebreakers, I mean are they really necessary when you all know each other already?  What ice is there to break?  But yesterday’s was kind of fun.  Each person in the meeting had to give three statements about themselves, 2 being true and 1 being a lie.  I thought it might be kinda fun to see if you guys could guess which of the three things I said was a lie!

  1. I have broken a bone.
  2. I have been stung by a bee.
  3. I have participated in a hot dog eating contest.

Go ahead take a guess!

What’s a core strength move that challenges you most?  Do you also get HANGRY when you forget food or your eating plan gets messed up?  What are “two truths and a lie” about you that I can try to guess? 

Off to Two A Day Tuesday — this one is gonna be awesome!  Liz and I have a whole Cinco De Mayo fiesta of fun planned for everyone! 😉

Barking Crab and Bowling

Saturday night was super fun!

A couple of months ago, we bought a deal from Gilt City – $25 for $50 worth of food at The Barking Crab Restaurant downtown.  Our friends Katrina & Geoff also bought the same deal, so we were pumped for a fun double date night out this weekend.

I loved the vibe of The Barking Crab from the second we walked in the door.  It was super casual, with a fun summerish “clam shack” feel, and right on the waterfront too.

One section of the restaurant was indoors, and the other is the outdoorsy section you can see in the picture above.  Since the weather was still cool on Saturday night, they had the tent windows closed for us.  They had indoor heaters going, so it’s definitely not too chilly if you are cold all the time like me.  We definitely wanted to be in this section though, there was a fun bar and picnic tables lined throughout the room.

We took a while to decide what to get because there were just too many delicious sounding items on the menu.

Especially since we had up to $50 worth to spend!  We wanted to make a wise decision since we never spend that much.

Since I had paid the original $25 for the deal months ago, it was like I was getting $50 worth of food for free.  Right?!

While we were deciding what to order, we got some beers:

A Widner’s Hefenweizen for me, yum.

Tim and I decided to get $50 worth of appetizers and have a little of everything.  We started with a cup of clam chowder each:

Then a stuffie each, which was a quahog stuffed with chourico and sweet bread.

Next up were crab cakes:

And mussels, we looooove mussels:

And finally, five littlenecks!  My first experience with these little clams.  Tim had to give me a lesson on how to properly eat them.

It’s just like taking a shot!  Except you slurp the little bugger right out of its shell:

There was my trying something new of the weekend!

We really enjoyed our food, so that was a plus.  I would definitely come back here; however the actual menu items are a bit pricey (at least for us).  So I probably wouldn’t come back for another big huge meal unless I had another online deal.  I most definitely would come back for another appetizer (or two :)) and a drink in the summertime though — you could make a whole day of it downtown.

Fun times with Geoff and Trina!

After our fun dinner date, we met up with some other friends of ours at Lanes & Games.  Our other roommate Slesh planned a 30th birthday outing for her boyfriend Will, so we finished up the night with some bowling fun!

Whenever I bowl I’m either hit or miss – there’s no middle ground for me – but Saturday night I was ON!  Woohoo!

I even beat Tim one round.  😉

Dorky bowling shoe picture, can you tell I’m wearing nylon knee highs?!?!

Great night with great friends!

Ever been to Barking Crab?  Do you like seafood?  If so, what’s your favorite?  When’s the last time you went bowling?  Tell me about your Saturday this past weekend!

Enjoy your Tuesday!