Weekly Workouts


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend.  To recap mine:

I had a great time with my gym friends at a taco bar.

I slept in, baked some cookies, tried but failed at apartment hunting, grabbed lunch with Tim at Cafenation (got the same thing I did when I went with my mom), then celebrated Kerri’s 30th birthday.  Kerri’s parents threw her a fun fiesta at their house, and we had a great time seeing a lot of our work friends.  Happy Birthday, Kerri!

I slept in (two days in a row?!? apparently my body needed it), went to “Hour of Power” at Prana for some much-needed yoga time (I hadn’t been in FOREVER), then spent the day getting some things done, relaxing, and packing for another business trip this week.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Were you able to squeeze in any workouts?

Here’s my weekly workout recap and planning:

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  20 Minute Core Strength (500 Ab Challenge)
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday – took Liz’s Kickboxing and taught my Circuit Class, both of which were fiesta style!
  • Wednesday:  Two A Day Wednesday – took Erin’s Cutz followed by Andy’s Kix at CBC
  • Thursday:  Taught my Circuit
  • Friday:  Taught 1 hour spin
  • Saturday:  Off

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Hour of power heat yoga (check!)
  • Monday:  Morning workout of my own before heading to Arkansas
  • Tuesday:  Off (already know it’s going to be a long day on the road)
  • Wednesday:  Morning workout of my own before being on site for the day
  • Thursday:  Off
  • Friday:  Workout of my own at some point while working from home
  • Saturday:  Either kickboxing at the Y, or Cutz/Kix at CBC (depends on how much sleep I get Friday night!)

What’s on your workout agenda this week?  Do my weekly recaps and plans help motivate you?

Have a good one!


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