Weekly Workouts

Anyone else think this Monday really dragged?

Is that how you guys feel every time I whine about Mondays?  Well, sorry I’m not sorry.   😉

Let’s talk weekly workouts!

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week I didn’t stick to my exact plan.  My intentions were to work out five days, but I ended up skipping Friday.  My body needed the extra rest and I had some other things to do.  I think four days for a travel week + some other important things going on = pretty darn good.

Here’s what last week looked like!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  A workout from Jen!  Her “Bust Your Booty Workout” is a must try.  The second set of lunge progressions is a KILLER!
  • Monday:  20 minutes HIIT cycle + teaching Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday:  Kix + teaching Circuit
  • Wednesday:  Off unless I change my mind
  • Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
  • Friday:  Definitely something, but TBD
  • Saturday:  Off

Did you guys stick to your plans last week?  How’s this week looking?

Oh and by the way, Ashley Charlton is the winner of my Effie’s Semolina Cracker giveaway!  Ashley is most excited to try the roasted garlic & coriander.  Congrats, Ashley!  Please email me at akaralekas@gmail.com to claim your prize!

I don’t get in until 11ish tonight — I’ll catch you all in the morning!


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