Weekly Workouts

Time for my weekly workouts post!

Last Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  A workout of Jen’sBust Your Booty Workout
Monday:  Taught 20 Minutes of Core Strenght + 1 hour Kripalu Yoga
  Two A Day!  Liz’s Kickboxing and then taught Circuit with my Schweaty Spring Workout
Wednesday:  Off
Thursday:  Taught my first outdoor class of the season
Friday:  Did 10 minutes on the treadmill followed by my Upper Body + Core + Cardio Circuit workout
Saturday:  Off

This Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  Off
Monday:  20 Minute Cycle + 20 Minute Core Strength
Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday consisting of Kix + Circuit
Wednesday:  Trying my best to have a Two A Day at CBC with Cutz & Kix
Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
Friday:  Maybe a morning 20/20/20 sesh?
Saturday:  Off… unless I take my off day Wed or Fri instead, then I’ll do something Saturday!

What’s your workout plan this week?  Any noteworthy workouts from last week?

Weekend Eats

Hello friends.

How was everyone’s weekend?

Here’s a quick recap of mine!  For some reason, I only took pictures of my food/drinks this weekend.  No people pictures!   Hence the post title “Weekend Eats.”


Friday night was a night in at Tim’s apartment.  We had our friends Cate & Joe over for dinner.  Brett and Jamie joined us a little later.  Was the first night of the season we really got to enjoy the grill and the deck and hanging outside with beers.

On the menu were lots of veggies!  We made steak and veggie kabobs, I whipped up a new quinoa recipe, and we also enjoyed some corn on the cob.  Cate brought some delish guac which I inhaled along with some roasted garlic and black bean chips.


I started the day out with an injury.  My finger got completely stuck in my car door.  Holy painful.  Tim was helping me with my bags and accidentally slammed the door on my finger.  I might have made a scene that the whole town probably heard.  But it hurt so bad!!!  The door was legit completely shut with my poor little finger in there, and I was just standing there helpless.  I have NO clue how I didn’t break my finger or have a worse injury, but somehow I escaped with just swelling and bruising.  Made for a stressful morning and a headache the rest of the day though.

Aside from the finger jam, Saturday was spent at my friend Sarah’s Mexican themed bridal shower with the work girls, and then Saturday night was spent at my friend Cathy’s birthday bbq.  I was exhausted by the end of the night, but both were fun!  The bridal shower was really nice — full of tacos, Mexican music (reminded me of Cinco De Mayo class!), and sangria.  Oh, and the most delicious peanut butter and chocolate dessert ever.  I had two.  🙂


I just really needed a day to relax.  Since it was such a gorgeous day, my roommate Slesh and I had our heart set on the beach.  And to the beach we went!  We actually ended up discovering Winthrop Beach, which was perfect for the type of day we wanted.  It was a quaint little beach with free parking and only took 30 minutes to get to from our apartment, which is key because I feel like most decent beaches take 45 minutes or longer to get to from Brighton!  We enjoyed the sun for about four hours, then decided to grab a little snack and cocktail on the patio of The White Horse (did anyone else know there was an outdoor patio here?!) before heading home.

Some greens and a raspberry (stoli) lemonade for me / dark & stormy for Slesh hit the spot after a day in the sun!

Finally, I wrapped up the weekend with my family out to dinner for my brother’s birthday!  We went to Bertucci’s in Newton Corner where I ate too many rolls (their bread is just TOO GOOD) and got the Frutti De Mar.  I was just craving seafood!

After dinner, we checked out my brother’s new apartment and had cupcakes and did presents.

Did anyone else have any good weekend eats!?  What did you do?

I’m excited to be back on track this week after straying a bit this weekend!