Weekly Workouts

Time for my weekly workouts post!

Last Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  A workout of Jen’sBust Your Booty Workout
Monday:  Taught 20 Minutes of Core Strenght + 1 hour Kripalu Yoga
  Two A Day!  Liz’s Kickboxing and then taught Circuit with my Schweaty Spring Workout
Wednesday:  Off
Thursday:  Taught my first outdoor class of the season
Friday:  Did 10 minutes on the treadmill followed by my Upper Body + Core + Cardio Circuit workout
Saturday:  Off

This Week’s Workouts

Sunday:  Off
Monday:  20 Minute Cycle + 20 Minute Core Strength
Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday consisting of Kix + Circuit
Wednesday:  Trying my best to have a Two A Day at CBC with Cutz & Kix
Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
Friday:  Maybe a morning 20/20/20 sesh?
Saturday:  Off… unless I take my off day Wed or Fri instead, then I’ll do something Saturday!

What’s your workout plan this week?  Any noteworthy workouts from last week?

One thought on “Weekly Workouts

  1. Well, today was teaching an hour of Cutz, teaching an hour of LiveStrong, walking the dog for 2 hours, taking an hour of Cutz with Bethany and Liz G., taking an hour of Kickboxing at CBC and then taking the ab class afterwards. And that was only Monday!


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