Spinach and Tomato Quinoa Salad

If you haven’t hopped on the quinoa bandwagon yet, get on it!  I think many people think of quinoa as a grain, because it LOOKS like a pasta, rice, or couscous; however it’s actually a protein filled seed and a relative of leafy green vegetables like spinach and Swiss chard.  That means your body feels like it’s consuming a carby food, but really you are getting protein which then equals feeling full and less overeating later.  Now I’m no registered dietician or nutritionist, so this info is just what I’ve picked up from the healthy living world.

Where is this coming from?

After I posted about my Friday night dinner menu, several of you asked me about the quinoa recipe!

Here you go!

Spinach and Tomato Quinoa Salad

Recipe inspired by Gluten Free Goddess


  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • Quinoa — I used 3/4 of a box I had left.  The original recipe called for 1/2 a cup to 2/3 a cup cooked quinoa per person.
  • 1 cup baby spinach per person
  • Handful of grape tomatoes per person, halved
  • 1 scallion per person, washed & sliced
  • Spices to taste:  sea salt, ground pepper, parsley, thyme, basil, or mint
  • Tiny pinch of nutmeg
  • Fresh lemon juice or rice vinegar


  1. Gently heat extra virgin olive oil in a large pan.
  2. Add the garlic; stir and warm the oil for a minute.
  3. Add the cooked quinoa and heat through.
  4. Add the baby spinach leaves, tomatoes, and scallions.
  5. Season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper, then sprinkle with nutmeg and other herbs.
  6. Stir to mix, then sprinkle with lemon juice or rice vinegar and stir.
  7. When the spinach begins to wilt remove from heat and serve in a large bowl.

Honestly one of my favorite quinoa recipes yet, and even though four of us enjoyed this on Friday night I had enough leftovers for dinner last night and lunch today!  My other fave quinoa recipe that I’ve posted is quinoa with kale, mushrooms, and sweet potatoes.

Both recipes are super easy too.  Bonus!

Anyone have a quinoa recipe they would like to share?

I Heart Organizing

Hi friends.

Rainy Tuesday here, ick.  But it’s an exciting day because my company has finally made the switch from our old Stone Age email system over to Google Mail.  And it’s hysterical because everyone is FLIPPING OUT.  I, however, am in organizing HEAVEN.  Color coding, folders, labels — what a concept!  Seriously we didn’t have these options before.  This is thrilling!

I ❤ organizing.

If you are a fellow organization lover, say aye!  Also, you may be interested in checking out these organization blogs that I’ve stumbled upon in recent weeks:

I’m not going to lie, I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a little Organization Page on Fitness & Feta, but I need to think about that some more.  Thoughts?

Let’s talk last night while you are thinking about it. 

Last night was my long night at the gym.  (You guys are probably thinking, isn’t every night your long night at the gym?)  Before I got there, I was able to squeeze in a 30 minute cardio sesh on the random spin bike in the Annex.  I decided to do half a spin class.  I didn’t really go by time, just by song, so I’ll list them out for you if you want to download and use them!

30 Minute Self Spin


I then taught a 20 minute core class.

20 Minute Core Strength

  • Warmup:  Jog in place, hop in place, jumping jacks — x2, stretch
  • Standing Cardio Abs:  Oblique side to side twists, left knee repeater, oblique side to side twists, right knee repeater, oblique side to side twists
  • Pulse Series:  Do 30 pulses through each of these positions — Legs extended on floor, feet flat, knees over hips, legs extended above hips, knees over hips, feet flat, legs extended on floor.
  • Side Series:  Lying on right side do the following:  16 side crunches, 16 side leg lifts, 10 second side plank, 10 hip dips while in side plank, flip to regular plank and hold 10 seconds, 8 rocks forward and back, 10 second regular plank hold.
  • Mountain Climbers:  30 seconds
  • Repeat Side Series on left
  • Mountain Climbers:  30 seconds
  • V-Up Series:  10 center, 10 left, 10 right
  • Double Hips:  10 seconds x2
  • Cooldown / Stretch

Spent a lot of my floor shift last night ORGANIZING group ex related things, which made me happy!

Do you heart organizing?

Catch ya guys later with a new recipe post!