How to Have a [Good] Bad Day

GOOD morning.  I am emphasizing good because I want today to be a really GOOD day.

Have any of you had a really horrible day lately?  You guys know what I’m talking about, when one pretty bad thing happens and then for the rest of the day a bunch more things happen that normally wouldn’t seem as bad but you’re already so upset that they are just like icing on the cake?

Yesterday was definitely that kind of day for me.  I think the final straw was when someone stole my strawberry Oikos yogurt.  Out of the fridge.  Correction – out of my lulu lunch bag that was IN the fridge.  Who does that?!?!

Ensue:  HANGRY Athena.



Instead of focusing on the BAD, let’s talk about how to turn a bad day into a good bad day.  Because bad days are going to happen.  But there ARE ways to make them better!

1.  Exercise
Obviously you knew I’d say this.  But it’s true.  Yesterday I went straight to the gym from work, and although I didn’t have a ton of time to squeeze in a workout between my 8 hour workday and my 5 hours of floor time, I popped my headphones in and went to town.  I decided to switch up the order of the workouts in Best Body Bootcamp this week so that I will be able to teach some of the same workouts (this week we’re adding extra sets to the ones we did last week) but in different classes so my peeps get something new.  Yesterday I stuck with the 20 minutes of 60/60 HIIT Cardio, then did the lower body superset combo so I could focus on mastering those bosu squats without having to instruct at the same time.  My 60/60 ended up looking like this:

Anyways, when I have a bad day it makes me want to exercise more because it’s my happy place.  Plus it gets my endorphins going and let’s me blow some steam in a healthy way.  Just remember:

2.  Appreciate
Bad days MUST happen so that you can appreciate the good ones right?  I try to tell myself that anyways.  I think it’s perfectly fine to vent and complain and get the negativity out to someone who will listen (because when you’re in a foul mood, everything is bad), but after doing that try to think of something you appreciated before you felt so annoyed.  For example, although yesterday was rough I appreciate that it was my last super long 14 hour Monday at the gym.  And I appreciate that Friday I got to see an old friend I haven’t seen in a while, and that Sunday I was able to get a complete day of rest.  Or think of something you’re looking forward to.  I’m really looking forward to Jen’s visit home, starting my new job, moving in with Tim, and my birthday — all within the next month.  You get the idea.  Also remember that someone else has things way worse than you.

3.  Take Some Quiet Time
I rarely get quiet time because I’m so go, go, go.  Sometimes when I have a bad day, instead of making a mountain out of a molehill, I withdraw a bit.  Yesterday I just put my headphones in and didn’t say much.  I drove all the way from work to the Y without being on my cell phone and without the radio.  It helped to decompress.  And it’s better than doing or saying something that you might end up regretting in the long run.

4.  Do Something Nice For Yourself
It doesn’t have to be anything big.  Light a candle.  Have a piece of chocolate.  It can even be something the next day.  Today?  I splurged on a Dunks coffee, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

5.  Learn A Lesson
What can you do differently next time?  Stop saying “how could this get any worse” and focus on solutions, not problems.  If you messed up, learn from it.  Ask yourself if there is an opportunity to grow.  If you didn’t mess up, stop blaming yourself for things out of your control.  Consider this:  Maybe it’s actually a bad day if you don’t learn something new.

“A problem is your chance to do your best.”

What do you guys do to help you through a bad day??

Weekend, Weekly Workouts, Weekly Goals

Hello, Monday.


This weekend I:

Got to meet the folks behind Fiorella’s and sample lots and lots of delicious food…

Fell in love with a new brewski…

Drank said brewskis and munched on Tim’s Super Awesome Spinach Artichoke Dip (sans mayo, I thought it was just as tasty!) while hanging out on the porch with our friends Baka and Esk…

Went to the sweatiest Hour of Power yoga class of all time…

Made these bad boys

Consumed way too many liquid calories at the “Blendah Bendah…”

And had a MUCH needed rainy Sunday… perfect excuse for a day off from working out, blogging, and doing much of anything.  I slept in, spent a lot of time on the couch watching The Wire (anyone else watch The Wire?  Thoughts?), and I also watched the Olympics.  I love watching gymnastics and synchronized diving, but they both give me anxiety to watch.  These athletes are not only amazing for being so fit and awesome at what they do, but how the heck do they not (visibly) shake and tremble as they’re standing at the end of of the diving board on their tiptoes or getting up on the balance beam?!  So crazy to me.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

I had a stellar exercise week last week, thanks to Week 1 of Best Body Bootcamp!  Here’s what my week ended up looking like in fitness:

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  BBB Workout 1 (20 minutes 60/60 HIIT cardio on the elliptical + upper body supersets), then taught this core workout in my Core Strength class
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday!  Took 1 hour of Kickboxing, then taught BBB Workout 2 (lower body supersets)  in my Circuit class along with an upper body pyramid and some ab work
  • Wednesday:  BBB Workout 3 (this 45 minute elliptical interval workout plus 3 rounds of the ab circuit)
  • Thursday:  BBB Workout 4 (20 minutes steady cardio on the elliptical, then taught the total body supersets in my Circuit class)
  • Friday:  Taught Cardio & Core class (20 minutes Cutz/20 minutes Kix/20 minutes floor work)
  • Saturday:  Went to the sweatiest hour of power class at Prana Power Yoga I’ve ever been to

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  One of BBB Week 2’s superset workouts + 20 minutes 60/60 HIIT cardio + teaching Core Strength
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day Tuesday!  1 hour of Kickboxing, then teaching one of BBB Week 2’s superset workouts in Circuit
  • Wednesday:  TBD… I have PT in the morning, but I may cancel.  Definitely doing another 45 minute cardio interval workout either way!
  • Thursday:  20 minutes steady state cardio + teaching the third BBB Week 3’s superset workout in Circuit
  • Friday:  Teaching 6am Cardio & Core class again
  • Saturday:  Off or TBD

Weekly Goals

Last week my weekly goals were to drink more water and to do my hip stretches every day.

I did do my hip stretches every day and my hip is feeling good.  I drank more water for sure Monday and Tuesday, but then started to slack off a bit.  I think I’ll try to focus on both again as a joint goal 1, but this week I’m adding on to get more sleep.  Last week I literally got 6 hours of sleep each night and I was paying for it by the time Friday came around.  Getting enough sleep is definitely something I never do — maybe even my UNhealthiest habit.

What did you guys do this weekend?  What’s your favorite event to watch in the Olympics?  How did last week’s workouts go and what’s the plan for this week?  Any health and fitness goals you’d like to make for yourselves this week?

Have a fab Monday!

Words for the Weekend