Ten Thursday Thoughts

Just here with some quick thoughts from the week so far.

1.  I have officially been the new Group Ex Coordinator at the Y for a whopping 9 days.  What I’ve learned so far is that I regret all the times I made a stink to our former Group Ex Coordinator.

2.  Squats on the bosu ball?  Really hard.  Squats on the bosu ball while instructing a class?  Impossible.  I can’t yell words of torture encouragement and do that ish at the same time!

3.  Our apartment got struck by lightning on Tuesday.  Wtf?

4.  The crock pot chicken I made on Tuesday pairs really nicely with my Greek style green beans for a quick throw together dinner.

5.  My first blogger event that I was really excited for at the beginning of the week was supposed to be tonight, and it got cancelled!  At least they are going to reschedule.  I was pretending to be important for one hot minute.  That was short-lived.

6.  I did Best Body Bootcamp Workout 4 this morning.  It was another awesome superset combo, and I adapted it once again to teach in my Circuit Training class.  This time the workout focused on both upper and lower body for a full total body workout.  Call me crazy, but before I taught my 6am class today, I did 20 minutes of steady cardio.  Yes folks I was at the gym at 5:30 this morning!

7.  I am moving in exactly one month from today.  I should probably start thinking about packing my things.  One of my roommates started taking down some of our decorations yesterday and I got super sad about it.  Our apartment already is starting to look empty.

8.  Do you guys ever say or stare at a word too much?  Like for so long that it starts to look funny?  How about the word “napkin?”  Or “conundrum.”  I dunno, I’m weird.

9.  I totally forgot it was Thursday until I looked at the title of this blog post.  Is it the weekend yet?  Anyone have any good plans?

10.  Still laughing about being too sexy for my cat.

That’s all I have for now, people!  Your turn to tell me something.  Anything? 


5 thoughts on “Ten Thursday Thoughts

  1. Squats on the bosu were awesome and my inner thighs paid the price in sore-ness! I figured out by the second set that the more weight you put on your heals the easier it is to keep from wobbling.

    I also think I may have a “hip problem” 😦 I could barely make it through one set of those exercises we did this morning laying on our side and swaying our top leg from center to front and center to back? (hopefully you know what I am talking about because I have no idea what you call it)

    I get a horrible aching sensation rather than burn a good burn. I also noticed that when we do the hip stretches I can barely get my hips to stretch out and loosen up. Any ideas for hip strengthening exercises or ways to make me more limber? I feel like an old lady!


    • Hey Jess! Yes, definitely sounds like you share some of my hip woes!

      I don’t want to prescribe you any exercises since I don’t know exactly what is wrong with your hips, but I can give you insight to mine… basically my right hip started bothering me a little bit. So tight that it was hurting to lift my leg to the front! My IT Band is the culprit, so I would maybe read up a little on IT Band tightness and see if it sounds like it applies to you. I’ve gone every few weeks back to my physical therapist who has me doing hip strengthening exercises to work on it… those front and back leg lifts that bother you are actually one of them. They target your gluteus medius which doesn’t get targeted as the main muscle working in many exercises. I did a post of the other strengthening moves once too: http://fitnessandfeta.com/2012/06/28/i-like-sore-butts/

      Maybe some of those would help.

      I would also do hip stretches, everyday. I’ve done mine every day this week and feel so much better:
      – Lying flat on your back, pull one leg in for a hamstring stretch
      – The glute stretch where you cross one ankle over the opposite knee
      – The IT band stretch where I have you guys lying down, then for example grab the outside of your right leg with your left hand and pull it across the body
      – Lying on your stomach, grab your sneaker and pull your foot toward your butt
      – Kneeling hip flexor stretch.

      Another blog I read, Peanut Butter Fingers, actually did a whole post on her favorite hip stretches, so this might help too:

      Finally, invest in a foam roller. It really helps. And check out this link for the right way to do it!! http://greatist.com/fitness/foam-rolling-infographic/

      We can be old ladies together 🙂


  2. I’m wiating for the soreness to kick in on my legs from your classes this week. Maybe all this running is keeping me from feeling sore!

    This weekend…..very exciting! Tomorrow night is wine club oops I mean book club and we are discussing Fifty Shades of Grey! Really it is just an excuse for us girls to get together, chat, and drink without the boys around 🙂 Saturday is a day trip to Block Island! And probably more beach time on Sunday!


  3. I taught a whole class using the bosu balls and WOW! I seriously had to teach the class doing the ‘less advanced’ option since I couldn’t concentrate enough on my form AND teach!


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