Return to CBC


I’m a liar because yesterday I said I would be back later, and well, I was NOT back later.

Don’t be mad.

Last night marked my return to Corpbasics.  For any new F&F readers who may not have heard me talk about Corpbasics (CBC) before, it is a fitness and training club in Somerville that I joined… over a year ago now!  My instructor friend at Oak Square, Liz, convinced me to help her out with a kickboxing demo at the Somerville Mayor’s Fitness Challenge in 2011 since I took her class regularly.

A month later, I signed up for the studio.  A month after that I certified to teach Cutz & Kix and now teach it regularly at the Y.  For more info on CBC and what it’s all about, click over to this post!


Anyways, I have been on a little CBC hiatus for over a month.  For a couple of reasons:

  • My hip was really bothering me, and I didn’t think it was smart to add on any more classes a week than I was already doing/teaching.  Honor your injuries, right?
  • I went on vacation.
  • Before I went on vacation, I was spending my free nights apartment hunting with Tim.
  • After I went on vacation, I was spending my free nights getting acclimated to my new Group Ex Coordinator position at the Y which entailed a few extra meetings, etc.
  • My workouts have been more focused on the eight week virtual bootcamp program I signed up for.
  • I was working a floor shift at the Y on Monday nights, which really only left me Wednesday nights at CBC.  6:30-8:30 on Wednesday nights when you teach at 6:00am on Thursday mornings is TOUGH!

And not really an excuse because of course I can get myself over to CBC, but… what happened to the party bus?!  I miss it.

Needless to say, now that my Monday night floor shift at the Y is NO MORE (hooray for an extra free night!) I have my choice of a bunch of awesome Monday night classes.  Ashley teaches Cutz at 5:30 at the Y, Ed teaches 6:30 Spin at the Y, Christina teaches Perfect Lines (a 30 minute barre class that focuses on lower body) at 6:45 at CBC, and Andy teach Kix at 7:15 at CBC.  Lots of my favorite classes to choose from again for Mondays!

Oh and!  CBC was also just voted #1 Kickboxing Class in Boston on the Boston A-List for the second year in a row.  Woop!


Have you ever had to repeatedly miss out on a favorite exercise class or favorite workout routine because life just got in the way?

Extra exciting Two A Day Tuesday tonight!  Liz and I are both teaching our OWN classes, AND can stay for each others, AND we have a special guest!!!  🙂

5 thoughts on “Return to CBC

  1. YES! My life has been getting in the way of one of my favorite classes for the past few weeks… Tuesday night Circuit Training with you! I can’t wait for my return tonight!!! Between Liz being back for Kix, making time for your class, and tonight’s *special guest*, my excitement level is bordering on embarrassment.


  2. Yes!! I feel like that happens in the summer. I love Thursday night kickboxing at the Wellington BSC (where I get inspiration for all my new kickboxing moves!), but thursdays after work are so fun in the city! Also, now that I’m teaching and subbing all the time, it’s hard to GO to my favorite classes!


  3. OMG I miss the party bus! I’ll still drive it on nights the Sox play, I go that way anyway to avoid Sox traffic on the Pike! Next one is a week from tomorrow…who is in? 🙂


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