Upper Twenties

Today is my birthday.

Upper twenties, here I am.

I’ve pushed you away while all my other friends, one by one, welcomed you for the past year.  I kind of hate you for sneaking up on me so quickly, despite having all this time to mentally prepare.

Upper twenties, I feel like you are a little intimidating.

You are a lot closer to 30 than I’ve ever been before.

Upper twenties, I’m not married.  I haven’t paid off my debt.  I don’t own a home, I’m not even close to thinking about babies, and really, upper twenties, I wish you would stop making society think that I should have all these things checked off my list by now.

Upper twenties, you have this aura about you, oh yes you do.

You make me feel like I should have my entire life figured out.

But you know what, upper twenties?

I’m getting there. 

And I’m closer than I’ve ever felt before.

Upper twenties, I’ve realized that people are selfish and that some folks I once thought I was so close to aren’t exactly the greatest people I’ve ever met.  I’ve discovered that’s it okay to distance myself, say no, and grow apart.

Upper twenties, I’ve figured out that it’s okay to go against the grain, that it’s okay to feel insecure, and that most importantly – I’m not alone in this battle.

Upper twenties, I hope that you’ll support me in my belief that it’s okay to have boundaries, even if it means being seeming selfish.  I hope you’ll comfort me when I feel alone and scared and confused at times.   And I hope, upper twenties, that you’ll help me realize it’s okay (and extremely important) to say no to guilt.

Upper twenties, I’ve pulled myself together and I am on the cusp of starting a new career for myself.  Two careers, really.  Upper twenties, I’m following my passions.  In multiple ways.

I think you should take that, upper twenties.

Upper twenties, I know that even though I’ve come a long way, I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be.  I hope you’ll be patient with me and guide me along through the next few years.

Upper twenties, here I am.


And all I have to say is, bring it on.

19 thoughts on “Upper Twenties

  1. Athena, did you write that? It is so true and awesome, every single word. And this coming from a “upper 30’s” chick. Happy Birthday!! I hope it’s a great one….


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  4. Thought I had commented on this, but I missed it! Couldn’t agree more with every piece of this post. Turning 27 was really really hard, but a lot of really great things have happened so far this year and I know you, too, will have that happen!


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  6. Love this post! I have shared it with a couple co-workers. It is refreshing to see we are all in the same boat. Just because society says this is “what you are supposed to do” doesn’t mean we are all on the same schedule.


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