I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to Home Goods.

And TJ Maxx.

And Marshalls, and Target, and the Christmas Tree Shops, and the Dollar Store…. the list goes on.

I really need to stop going and spending money on random things for the new apartment because when you buy 3298472 things for $4.99 it really does add up.

Just wanted to share some cute recent purchases I’ve made!  Thought it might make for a fun Friday afternoon/evening post.  🙂

For the Bathroom
Teal and lime green themed…

Method Gel Hand Wash, Christmas Tree Shops:

Tropical Coconut scented candle, Christmas Tree Shops:

Striped hand towels, Target:

For the Kitchen
We have plain blue cabinets and brand new black appliances, going with orange and yellows to brighten it up….

Summer citrus scented hand soap and lotion, Home Goods:

Flour and sugar jars, Marshalls:

Core Bamboo 14 piece utensil set, via Groupon:

Kitchen towels, Marshalls:
(I also bought plain yellow and yellow checkered ones, along with yellow oven mitts, but these are fun!)

Olive Oil Container, Home Goods:

Pineapple Cilantro candle, Christmas Tree Shops:

For the Living Room
We have a tan couch (courtesy of Jen!) and white end tables/tv stand/coffee table, so we’re trying to go with a maroon as the color to work from.

Throw pillows, Target:

Living room rug, Christmas Tree Shops:

I’ve picked up a bunch more things along the way and have incorporated items I had up (or lying around) my former apartment, but these are just the things I like the best that I decided to photograph.  I’m still looking for curtains — I have the hardest time matching curtains to the room — as well as some new decorations for the walls.  I own 85,000 collage picture frames but I think it’s time to grow up and try to hang some real things instead of endless amounts of pictures.  Slowly but surely!

Tim and I (ok let’s be honest, more Tim than I) are also in the process of a DIY project that involves redoing our coffee table.  It is quite the work in progress.  Let’s just say it was magenta for a while and is now in the basement awaiting attempt #2.  Hence the lack of a coffee table in the previous picture.  I’m planning to post our final product because I’ve gotten away from some of the DIY posts I was starting to write earlier this year!

Anyways, this weekend I have no set plans — going to workout, maybe bake something, get some last Y related things finished up for the kickoff of our fall program next week, SLEEP, and maybe head down to Dartmouth for my family’s Greek festival at the Greek church.  Also think I’ll do a lot of blogging on Sunday during the start of football season.

Tonight though?  BIG PLANS that include the couch, wine or beer (haven’t decided what I feel like), and The Hunger Games — I haven’t seen the movie yet.

What’s everyone else got going on this weekend?  What colors do you like to decorate with? Ever been to a Greek festival!?

Happy Weekend!


5 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. I am also addicted to the Christmas tree shop and Homegoods, they have so much cute stuff it is hard to saw no. I see this as a healthy addiction and feel no need to intervene, it fact give me a call the next time you go.


  2. I have an additction to all those stores too! In fact, I will be heaed to TJ Maxx today to find a birthday present for a friend, which means I will walk out with 30 things for me and none for my friend. LMAO


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