Confessions Part Two

I did a Confessions post back in the day.


I think since it’s Friday, it’s a good time for another one.

  1. Sometimes I forget to bring flip-flops when I shower at the gym.  I say a quick prayer that I don’t contract a foot fungus and go in to the stall barefoot anyways.  This happened this morning.
  2. If I have my mind set on ordering dessert at a restaurant, sometimes I’ll factor that in to my decision on what to order for my meal.
  3. If you have a buttload of makeup on, your hair looks perfect, you are wearing a spaghetti strap tank top, and you are in the gym:  I’m judging you.
  4. If you are wearing high heels and carrying a huge bottle of shampoo that’s greater than 3.4 ounces at the airport:  I’m also judging you.
  5. I tell my group ex instructors to refrain from playing vulgar music, but almost every playlist of mine has at least one song with a bad word.  #iamahypocrite
  6. I have felt really lost lately when it comes to blogging.  Where do I fit into the “bigger picture?”  How do I get more people to comment?  Does anyone REALLY care what I say?  Have I lost focus..?
  7. Sometimes I think about what beer I’m going to drink later during my workouts.
  8. Last night I was so hangry after sitting in an hour and a half’s worth of Mass Pike traffic trying to pick Tim up at the airport that I texted him, “can you bring me out a snack” and I inhaled three-quarters of a bag of Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Crisps.  #whoeatsjustoneserving
  9. Sometimes I’ll base the kind of wine I order on whether I’m able to pronounce it.
  10. I pack breakfast, a mid-morning snack, a main part of lunch, a secondary part of lunch, and two afternoon snacks for work every single day.

Confess something to me!

Have a great weekend, everyone!  Anyone doing anything confession-worthy?!

22 thoughts on “Confessions Part Two

  1. SAME! I read every post and care!!! I miss your classes 😦 Ben and I did a 6am work out in the basement on Thursday and as good as it was it just wasnt the same! Might have to make the commute from Medford!(quite different then the Bellamy commute)


  2. Same sites about #6. Especially when I write simething that I think is really funny…and I get no response.
    Hmm confession: besides talking to my dog WAY too much- like she’s a human, I have started sounding Canadian. Apparently I say ‘house’ weird, and I say ‘no worries’ all the time- like in a local. Oh and I lay in bed in the morning until I absolutely have to pee. Which is sometimes 10am. In sure I can come up with more..


  3. Athena,
    I want you to know that one of the reasons I (we) like reading your posts is because you aren’t afraid to be a goof ball and to laugh at yourself. We have a lot or pressure to eat just right, exercise more than the person next to us, to feel like we have to be perfect all the time. It’s nice to just sit and read about all your work-outs and your adventures and what you eat and to be encouraged. Keep up the good work and please don’t give up on your blogging. Have a blessed week-end.


  4. I do the SAME thing with all the snacks and have anxiety when I run out of key snacks (Greek yogurt, bananas, almonds, etc)

    Confession: after buying a ton of paleo friendly food for my boyfriend and his challenge… I bought myself a bar of chocolate and secretly ate it before I got home…


  5. I enjoy reading your posts and often want to comment but run out of time.

    I think I have done/still do most of the things you confessed. I also judge people who run with their hair down or workout with their hair down.


  6. I kind of relate to #6, but I love your blog so far! I just started reading and love how honest you are about everything.

    As for my confession, I’ve been doing work in my bed instead of at my desk, and I don’t get up until I’m so hungry I can’t stand it.


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  8. haha this post is great and there are far too many that I relate to (ummm pretty much every on except the blogging one… because, well, I don’t blog!). even when I don’t bring a “lunch” I still have my lunch bag for my snacks… You dont’ want to be around me when I am hungry.


  9. I just found your blog two weeks ago when I was googling sample exams for the acsm ptc. Your story of your journey mirrors mine – to get the ptc so that I can do the Wellcoaches certification. It was exactly what I needed to read. I have been reading ever since! Thanks! I start my webinar workshop for test prep in two days!


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