Monday doesn’t seem so bad today.  Maybe because this weekend was exactly the kind of weekend I needed.

A lovely mix of boyfriend time, friend time, good food, productivity, and nice weather.

Some weekend highlights:

  • Oak Square Y group exercise instructor social event at the Greenbriar
  • Saturday morning brunch with Tim at The Sweet Peach Diner
  • Walk through a nearby park
  • Yard sales and antique stores
  • Continued decorating of the apartment
  • A really fun night making dinner, drinking wine, and reuniting with Katrina and Geoff
  • Apartment errands
  • Lunch at Lambert’s
  • Sunday night shrimp and pasta dinner
  • Series finale of Weeds

Seems like a lot, but it was the perfect balanced weekend of fun and relaxation.  I feel like I’ve snapped out of my funk, my eye/face has healed (hooray!), and I’m ready for the week ahead.

Oh, and by the way, for all the comments on my “I don’t know if I should blog anymore” ramble… thank you.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Cutz class at CBC, then Kix class at CBC
  • Tuesday:  Liz’s Kickboxing, then my Circuit class
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Taught my Circuit class with this circuit
  • Friday:  Taught Cardio & Core (20 minutes of Cutz, 20 minutes of Kix, 20 minutes of floor work)
  • Saturday:  Walk

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Ashley’s Cutz class (hopefully!), Ed’s Spin class
  • Tuesday:  Liz’s Kickboxing class, teaching my Circuit class
  • Wednesday:  Off
  • Thursday:  Teaching Circuit
  • Friday:  TBD or Yoga
  • Saturday:  Cutz at CBC or Yoga

Let’s set the right intentions for the week ahead.  What are your health and fitness goals for the next 7 days?

Mine this week are to 1) get five days of workouts in, and 2) breathe deeply.

Have a wonderful Monday.

5 thoughts on “Balanced

  1. Just to keep the comments going…You know I have read every. single. one. of your blog posts since you started right? You help keep me motivated! Also, my mom is trying to get healthier right now and saying she is already worrying about Thanksgiving…I already shared with her your healthy eating on thanksgiving tips from last year! Finally, I’m glad you’re taking my advice on making wednesday a rest day 🙂


  2. To be mindful of my body and my mental health! i am teaching 6 classes between today and friday and running the 5K on sunday… busy, fitness filled week, but at least saturday will be filled with pampering things such as a hair appt and the sox game! have a great week:)


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