Free Giveaway! Words to Sweat By Training Trinkets

Last year I won a giveaway over on Around the Plate.  I won two workout mantra t-shirts from a company called “Words to Sweat By.”

Super cute, right?  I wear these t-shirts all the time.  I love them!  When I received these in the mail, I also received a business card.

I reached out to Dana, the creator of Words to Sweat By, and we started a partnership for me to review the latest product line the company offers on F&F.

Introducing… training trinkets!

This hand stamped inspirational jewelry is the latest addition to the workout mantras already offered on towels, t-shirts, key chains, and note cards. Dana sent me “fit,” “lift,” and “sweat” and I honestly can’t decide which word I like best because clearly they are all fitting for me!

These trinkets are lightweight, cute, sporty, and intended to keep your fitness goals fashionable. I do like the smaller size charms better because they “clinked” less in Kickboxing class, but I really could barely feel them and all the words are just so fun.  The wrap is made of a soft jersey knit so there are no clasps and you can run with them, ride with them, workout, etc. and have that extra little motivation right there with you.  You can also change the colors up for whatever is fitting for your mood!

Words to Sweat By not only makes these bracelets, but necklaces and earrings too… some even come with a little mini dumbbell charm.  You can browse through them here.  Some of the other phrases that you can order inscribed on the various jewelry pieces are run, food is fuel, healthy/strong/happy, beast mode, fierce, eat your greens, be mindful, practice, faith, patience, eat clean, transform, and no excuse.  I think the only word they are missing is the word plank!  😉

Speaking of planks, I ran round one of this giveaway in my Circuit Training class last week.  I gave away the “lift” charm and two of the color wrap bracelets to the class member (Shawna) who could hold the longest elbow plank (three minutes and forty-five seconds!).

Check out my class rocking these planks!

Words to Sweat by would like to also offer one lucky Fitness & Feta reader the chance to win TWO training trinket bracelets from the website with a couple different wrap colors.

No planks required, but you must take a look at the current bracelet charm offerings on their website and then leave a comment on this post telling me:

  1. Which charm phrase & wrap colors you’d choose if you win
  2. What workout friend you’d be most likely to share your second charm with to “pay it forward” as the winner

You can receive up to three additional entries in this giveaway by liking both Fitness & Feta and Words to Sweat By on Facebook, following both Fitness & Feta and Words to Sweat By on Twitter, or linking to this giveaway on your own Facebook or Twitter accounts.  Just a reminder to leave a separate comment for each additional entry option you choose to do.

I will announce the winner of the giveaway on Friday morning.  Contest ends this Thursday night at 11:59 EST.

Good luck!

P.S.  Dana really is the nicest person ever… look what I was sent as a little “extra” as part of my delivery… so thoughtful!

Thank you, Dana!!


48 thoughts on “Free Giveaway! Words to Sweat By Training Trinkets

  1. omg i LOVE these!!! I would pick sweat (because I sweat A LOT) and patience (because I don’t have enough of this)… colors would be royal blue and kelly green. I would either give one to my sister as encouragement to keep going (she recently started to really enjoy working out and making it a priority) or Rachel because she loves fitness as much as me!


  2. I would have to go Lift (if I walked around with “sweat” my boyfriend would think I was making fun of him #sweatissues) in Navy Blue and would probably share with my “new gym friend” at work who is pushing me to stop working and exercise (like old times) with free gym memberships and tempting offers for runs after work.


  3. Hard to choose between Run + Distance (in my case 10K) and No Excuses… but I will go with Run 10K with the lavender flower & purple bead necklace. I would share with my twin sister Sue who just completed (and rocked!) her first marathon.


  4. I would go with “fit” in kelly green..I would share with Meghan because even though she is in CA we encourage each other daily with new recipes and workouts…I like “Fitness and Feta” and “Words to Sweat By” and I follow “Fitness and Feta” on Twitter : )


  5. I would pick “Patience” in navy blue and share it with my Maid of Honor, Tayla! We are both doing BBB and having “patience” is a good reminder not give up (in workouts and in life happenings).


  6. I would definitely pick Fit in Royal blue and Lift in pink. Love these bracelets! I would share with Athena (of course) but since she is running this contest I would share with my weights/pilates instructor Michele.


  7. This is my first comment on a blog! i love the bracelets! I like the “Healthy” and “Eat Clean” charms and the navy bracelet… I would share it with my friend Karen who got me into the gym 1 1/2 years ago. She taught me how to use the TRX and I love it!


  8. I would go with faith or patience. Two things I need to be reminded to have a little more of. I would go with the royal blue band. I would share with Erica C. in honor of the Ric/Schutt hookup in our soccer days, and the fact that she has helped me have faith and patience when I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  9. And I would share it with my good friend Jill who has showed me how important it is to keep the Faith! And how she survived some hard times by discovering her love for fitness 🙂


  10. I would choose FIT and Hot Pink because it is breast cancer awareness month. I would share the other one with my friend Stan with navy blue because he saved me from the 9-5 world and got me to work towards my passion in life to be a personal trainer.


  11. I would pick “Sweat” in Hot Pink. I also would pick “Patience” and in Navy Blue and share it with my Mom who is starting to work out more and needs to know that patience is key!


  12. I would share my Trinket with my friend Ashley! She loves stuff like this.

    I like the Light Purple (“light urple” from SNL anyone?) and the word would be ‘transform’.



  13. I would pick beast mode in pink bc I just finished the Avon walk for breast cancer 39.3 miles in 2 days 🙂
    And fierce for my bff so she never forgot it !


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  15. I would pick the FIT charm with a royal blue bracelet. My sharing buddy would be a former classmate who is starting to run for the first time.


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