Bodyweight Bootcamp

Let’s discuss how almost thirty people showed up to my “Turkey Trim & Tone” class at 9am on Thanksgiving morning to SWEAT and truly EARN their holiday feasts.  Burpees on Thanksgiving?  What?

Let’s also talk about what a dork I am for how excited I got when I came up with the alliterative name for a holiday themed group exercise class.  It’s the little things, people, it’s the little things.

And.  Let’s ALSO discuss how much I love themes.  Themed parties, themed gifts, you name it, and most of all themed workout playlists and themed holiday group ex classes.  However, with the exception of Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving song, there are literally zero Thanksgiving songs out there.  And running with a “thankful” playlist was going to be a real stretch, so I decided to just play a “Music Idols” playlist instead.

My “theme” ended up being more about the workout itself.  Although my class name was “Turkey Trim & Tone,” I’m calling this workout “Bodyweight Bootcamp” because all the exercises were done without weights.  And this may be cheesy, but I am THANKFUL for my body being strong enough to do what it does week in and week out.  I encourage you to all take a second and think about that.  It’s pretty powerful.

That being said, you seriously don’t need any equipment at all (maybe a mat? but the floor or a comfy sweatshirt would do) to bang this bad boy out.  It’s a good one to tuck away for holiday season when you don’t have time to get to the gym but are looking for something to make you sweat in the comfort of your own home.  And while you’re doing it, instead of cursing me in your head (you know you do it), stop and appreciate your body and what it lets you do instead.

For me, exercising is not only important, but necessary for balancing out any of my indulgences, especially around the holidays.  Sure I know that my morning workout probably didn’t burn as many calories as I consumed later in the day, but I know it certainly helped offset those extra desserts a bit.  And I just felt so much better throughout the day.

This workout was a great way to kick-start Thanksgiving Day — doing what I love, with people I seriously can’t get enough of, in my happy place.  Thank you to everyone to came to class, you all rock, and you are why I do what I do!

Who worked out on Thanksgiving Day?  Whether it be a class, a turkey trot, sneaking in some walks during the day, an at home workout — whatever — leave a comment telling me all about it!  Were you proud of yourself?  Did you feel better about your choices that day because of it?  What’s your favorite body-weight exercise?

16 thoughts on “Bodyweight Bootcamp

  1. I worked out! I did 45 Mins of kickboxing in my parents living room then went for a walk with everyone after we ate. I felt SO much better doing those things! My fav body weight exercise is probably alternating reverse lunges and tricep dips:) I can’t wait to try this workout and use it as a format to make my own workouts, too!


  2. I worked out too! I lead my aunts and cousins in a little Cardio and Core session on the front porch! Lots of laughs and a great workout! We all felt better afterwards.


  3. Oooh, Mary, very nice, and YES instructor material. 🙂 Athena, totally ditto the doing things you love with people you adore, I loved seeing you all Thanksgiving morning! That plus the workout got me through the day for sure!


  4. Found your blog after searching for reviews on the ACSM program and now I’m hooked- love it!
    I am wondering if you have any sort of short instructional videos posted anywhere. I would like to try the bodyweight bootcamp but I am not sure of what some of those moves are. Thanks!


    • Aw thank you! I actually don’t have instructional videos posted — that’s on the long term “to do list.” But I’m happy to clarify any of the exercises in questions and elaborate with more than just the name of the moves. You could always try googling as well! Let me know if you need help.


        • Isometric bicep hold: (See the static biceps picture). You basically squeeze your bicep and press your palm up as you press down with the other arm.

          Backfist + Palm Hits: This is harder to google since I took it out of a Kickboxing routine. You basically stand with knees bent, hip width apart. Holding one arm in a fist (squeezing) in front of your body, work the other arm by doing a back fist to the side as if you were going to literally hit someone standing next to you with the back of your hand. That’s a decent picture.

          After you do the backfist, keep the rest of your body in place, just bring the same arm down so you now would hit the same opponent to your side in the stomach, but with your palm. Alternate between the two! Not sure if this helps at all…. you could also just do shoulder rolls front & back until you feel the burn if I’m not making any sense!


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