Christmas Things and Weekly Workouts

Merry Christmas Eve!

This morning I started my day out right and taught Cycle at 6am.  When Kim put out a sub request for that class weeks ago, I jumped on the opportunity because I knew there would be zero chance of me exercising at any other time on Christmas Eve, and there’s no Two A Day Tuesday on Christmas Day.

Here’s the playlist I used for class.  I decided to go with half holiday songs, half non.

Christmas Eve Cycle Mix

It was a good class, and my legs are already sore, but that could just be because I seriously slacked on my working out last week…

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts
I had so many off days last week.  I was feeling pretty bad about myself for that last night, but I need to know that three days during the week before Christmas is still good and still better than nothing and still more than what a lot of other people do.  There was just so much going on between Tim’s friend Sam visiting on Monday, needing to finish up shopping, just being tired in general, and the holiday parties I had this weekend.  Worrying too much about it won’t get me anywhere, so I’ll just tell myself that this week will be better.


This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Taught Cycle
  • Tuesday:  Off for Christmas
  • Wednesday:  Christine’s Cardio Cutz class?  Ed’s Cycle?  Own Cardio?
  • Thursday: Teaching my class, band themed for Jen!
  • Friday:  Hoping to work from home and head to the gym at lunch
  • Saturday:  Morning workout.  Someone make plans to work out with me so I go!

Hmm what else can I share with you guys?

Last night I put one of my first gifts of the season into good use.  For my Secret Santa at work, Shannon gave me the cutest hot chocolate themed gift.

Hot Chocolate Set

I love foodie themed gifts, especially when they involve cute kitchen items.  Last night Tim and I enjoyed some peppermint chocolate cocoa in our new mugs while we watched Ted for the first time.

Two confessions:
1) We added some white chocolate liquor.
2)  I didn’t love the movie Ted.

Hot Chocolate

Note the beads on our Christmas tree.  Tim’s friend’s five-year old daughter tried to put a star on tree with those beads.  We just haven’t taken them down yet.  We feel bad because she was really excited about them.

On Saturday, The Limited was having a 50% off everything in the entire store sale, including mark down and clearance items.  I spent $200 on myself and bought two pairs of pants, 6 shirts, and a necklace.  I did REALLY well, but I feel a little guilty for spending $200 on clothes for ME right during the holiday season.  It’s OK since I never spend money on me, right?  Plus, I finally bought a pair of colored pants that fit me well!

Me & Tim Christmas 2012

Call me crazy for shopping for myself on the weekend before Christmas, but it was among the other last-minute errands I needed to run.  We braved the parking lots (insane), but the stores themselves weren’t too bad.  We managed to deal with the lines, as you can see.


Tim and I got separated at one point in JC Penny, but don’t worry… I found him waiting for me like this.  Weirdo.

Leave me a Christmas Eve comment!  Anyone else struggling with getting their usual workouts in?  Who left shopping for the last minute?  Anyone buy anything for themselves this year?  Anyone else not LOVE the movie Ted?

I think that’s about it.  I hope you and your loved ones enjoy a very happy holiday!

4 thoughts on “Christmas Things and Weekly Workouts

  1. Merry Christmas! I did not get my Xmas workouts in the past two weeks but getting back on track this week. And getting rid of sweets right away! Love that pix from JC Penny – the mannequins are so real looking – lol. I did buy myself two new sweaters for Christmas, too.


  2. You’ll get back on track in no time! I worked out lots only because I teach so many classes– that was the only thing that held me accountable! And, of course I am not super sick and am scrambling to find subs for tomorrow since I literally cannot get off the couch. I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to SLOW.DOWN. doesn’t make it any less frustrating, though, as I know you can attest to! Hope you had a great Christmas!


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