Free Giveaway! Brookside Chocolates Tasting Kit

This year for Christmas my mom Santa put a 100 calorie pack of dark chocolate covered pomegranates in my stocking.

Christmas Day:  Stocking Stuffers

I thought they were the yummiest little snack (perfect for random chocolate cravings!), so I set out looking for them in stores.  I’m not sure if I just didn’t look hard enough or they hadn’t hit shelves yet or what, but I couldn’t find them anywhere.  This is kind of embarrassing, but I decided to just email Brookside Chocolate to see if they knew where I could find those tasty little buggers in a store near me.  The awesome folks there ending up offering to send me a sample bag of not only my beloved dark chocolate covered pomegranates, but also of their dark chocolate covered acai with bluberry and their dark chocolate goji with raspberry.  Ok, fine.  Twist my arm, Brookside Chocolatiers.  Twist my arm.

Brookside Chocolates

I was obviously psyched for this package to arrive, but when it did I was pretty confused because it was seriously a ginormous package.  I thought that I might have just walked into a lifetime supply of real fruit juice pieces dipped in smooth dark chocolate (not that it would have been a bad thing!).  However, when I opened the box, I realized that Brookside sent me a whole bunch of super fun stuff aside from the three different flavors of chocolate.

A Crate & Barrel ceramic three bowl dip server:

Crate & Barrel Dip Bowl

A Crate & Barrel ceramic cheese board and knife:


Two stemless wine glasses, also Crate & Barrel:

Crate & Barrel Wine Glasses

A Gaiam workout headband (love! and it matches my sneakers and my new Old Navy top)

Gaiam Workout Headband

A free year’s subscription to Fitness magazine:

Fitness Magazine

And I don’t have a picture, but also a $30 American Express gift card.

Ummmm, how awesome!  I literally was doing high knees around my apartment.  Excitement burns calories too, people.

Inside the package was a little note:

Welcome to Brookside:  A place where the perfect pairing of smooth dark chocolate and exotic real fruit juice pieces offers a deliciously different taste experience.  We use thoughtfully selected ingredients to develop intriguing flavor combinations.  We welcome you to enjoy the perfect pairings of Brookside Chocolate with this exclusive Tasting Kit.  Pair new Brookside Chocolate with an indulgent, relaxing evening of red wine and gourmet cheese and a healthy, active lifestyle.  We hope this kit provokes your passions and helps you find perfect balance.

Is that not me to a T?!

I absolutely love all my new stuff.  The three flavors of chocolate are so good.  There’s no eating right from the bag with these – too dangerous!  And while I liked all three flavors, I think the pomegranate is still my favorite.  Thanks, Mom, for swiping those from your break room at work for an extra stocking stuffer.  See what it got me?

The Giveaway!

Wanna get all the stuff that I got?  You can!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me how you like to find perfect balance between living a healthy lifestyle and treating yourself/indulging every once in a while too. 

That one comment is all that’s required, but you can earn extra entries for this giveaway by:

  • Liking both Fitness & Feta and Brookside Chocolates on Facebook (liking both = 1 comment)
  • Following both Fitness & Feta and Brookside Chocolates on Twitter (following both = 1 comment)
  • Sharing this giveaway on your own Facebook or Twitter pages (any form of social media share = 1 comment).

That’s a max of 4 comments/entries each.  The contest will remain open until Thursday night at 11:59 EST.  I will announce the winner on Friday.  Good luck!


104 thoughts on “Free Giveaway! Brookside Chocolates Tasting Kit

  1. Ah, I love the Pomegranates. I love to have a few mixed in with almonds for a nice little snack. The key for me to balance is to be be mindful of what I’m putting in my body.


  2. The difficulty in balance for me definitely comes with the food. I have no problem getting workouts in! I make the balance by limiting my sweets intake to only homemade sweets…that way at least I know exactly what’s going into my body!


  3. The balance between healthy and indulgence is key and such a challenge. I try to allow myself treat meals but make sure that the rest of the meals of the day are healthy. Wine and chocolate are my favorites.


  4. I eat all organic produce and meat from a local butcher’s and exercise most days of the week. I’m not afraid to give myself a couple days off from working out now and then and I have a small piece of chocolate every day. I know I’m not in flawless, model shape on the outside, but my body is healthy and it does everything I want and need it to. So, I think I’ve struck a decent balance between clean, healthy living, and indulgence.


  5. To me, finding balance is not depriving yourself. You exercise and work hard for a reason. If you’re really craving something, have it (the real thing; not the sugar-free version). And then move on with your day and healthy choices 🙂


  6. I am seriously OBSESSED with Brookside’s dark chocolate acai with blueberry! They are freaking delicious. I try to maintain a healthy balance by working out hard five times a week, fueling my body with lots of protein and veggies but giving myself relaxing nights and listening to cereal/ chocolate cravings when they hit.


  7. One of the main things that dental school has taught me is that everything in moderation is okay (there are no such thing as a “bad” food). So indulging every once in a while is okay (and it’s good for your soul too!). I will eat little bites of chocolate once or twice a week. But I do try to work out at least 4x a week so hopefully that keeps those little chocolates in check. 🙂


  8. This sounds amazing!

    I try to maintain a healthy balance by working out in the mornings so that I make better choices all day! I never deprive myself of a piece of chocolate or glass of wine if I want one so that I don’t binge eat/drink later. Everything in moderation is healthy!


  9. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by working out 4-5 days during the week and eating healthy throughout the week days. On the weekends I tend to “splurge” a little more because I may go out to dinner with friends/family or out for drinks. I try to make healthy choices when going out to dinner, but if I am craving something, I go for it because I do not eat out that often. I also always make sure to pull it back together if I get off track.


  10. Sometimes thirst masks as hunger and I always drink water to keep hydrated and healthy! If I have a sweet craving, I’ll enjoy a piece of chocolate but not consume the whole box!


  11. I like to exercise everyday but I also have a sweet tooth. So I choose better quality chocolate – dark, milk, as long it has pure ingredients and comes from a reputable source – Pandolfi’s ,Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, I’m in!


  12. It’s tricky but I like to say it’s all about moderation. A handful of chocolates, a small class of wine, a good workout. Never too much of just one thing!


  13. Everything in moderation and balance – I do treat myself but I do not overindulge! I eat a ton of fruit, veggies, whole foods and grains but do not deprive myself of an occasional treat!


  14. As a mom of 5, I don’t have time to do much for myself 😦 I do try to carve out 1 hour a day to take a class at the Y. I always feel better afterwards. I am a chocolate addict and am struggling already, as I gave it up for Lent… It has only been a week. I don’t do fb or twitter, but still hope to win. Thanks.


  15. I balance healthy living by making healthy food choices daily. I save my splurges to special occasions, i.e. choosing one dessert at a family function. I then remind myself the week is made up of 21 meals, not just one, and go right back to healthy eating. Lots of fruits, salad, veggies, yogurt and protein. And of course, my workouts!


  16. I try not to over do it in any way, everything is good in moderation, having a balance between what I eat and the work out I do has help me a lot, like if I treat myself with some extra sweets then I try to do a bit more exercise.


  17. I think one thing that helps keeping balance is by making sure that indulgences aren’t always necessarily food. I also try to avoid total deprivation, as that will eventually fail and release all my pent up cravings.


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