Drop Set Dumbbell Workout

Good morning!  I’ve got another workout post for you today.  This morning I was back at the Y for my 6am class (I swear I don’t sleep there overnight).  Today we did a drop set workout, per Jen’s request!  She says this is one of her favorite workout formats, so drop sets we did.

Drop Set Dumbbell Workout

Drop sets were a workout format introduced to me in a previous Best Body Bootcamp session, but I made up my own version with this workout today.  Please note that this type of workout is NOT effective if you don’t use a heavy enough weight.  The point isn’t to feel comfortable – those first 8 reps are supposed to feel like work.  If you can do 8 super easily, you need to up those weights!  Today I used 20 lb dumbbells for *most* of the first sets, then dropped to 12 or 15’s for the fatigue part.

Since I taught this as a group ex class format, everyone obviously reaches their fatigue point at different times.  In that case I had everyone do an interim cardio move (high knees/mountain climber combo, jumping jacks, burpees, or jump rope) until everyone was done.  If you try this workout on your own, just pick a cardio move to do for 60 seconds in between each drop set.  We also did 60 seconds of an “active recovery” core exercise after the cardio moves before moving on to the next drop set.  The 8 core exercise I chose to do today were double crunches, russian twists, push through crunches, elbow plank, heel taps, v-sits, reverse planks, and standing side bends with knee lifts.

As usual, my 6am crowd made my morning.  It really is the best way to start the day!

Have you ever done a drop set workout before?

Hope everyone’s weeks are winding down nicely… we’re almost at the weekend!

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