Underway Sunday

Hey guys.  I’m off to a bit of a slow start this morning as last night was a late one (I consider 1:30am a late one).  I had fun catching up with my friends though!

Davis Square

Davis Square

This morning I’m catching up on blog reading, enjoying a cup of coffee, and just lounging around a bit.  Tim and I just feasted on a big plate of chocolate chip banana pancakes for breakfast.  I was too hungry and eager to eat that I didn’t snap a picture of them, but you’ll just have to trust me that they were delicious.  I followed this recipe, but replaced the strawberries with banana instead and made a couple other little tweaks.

We also planned out our meals for the week, which look something like this:

-Grilled chicken wraps and/or salads
-Egg avocado wraps and/or salads

-Sunday:  Turkey loaf and asparagus
-Monday:  Leftover turkey loaf and asparagus
-Tuesday:  Maple peach glazed pork tenderloin with broccoli and a grain
-Wednesday:  Leftover pork
-Thursday:  Out with friends for dinner
-Friday:  Out with friends for dinner

Grocery shopping and my Sunday food prep will get done later, after I head to a wellness fair in Needham this afternoon with my co-worker Dawn.  My fingers are crossed for a lot of free samples.

Questions for you:

  • Do you make / follow a meal plan for the week?
  • Anyone interested in a weekly F&F meal plan/grocery list post?  Similar to my Weekly Workouts series?  I can’t decide…
  • What’s on the agenda for the rest of the day?

Hope your weekends all wind down nicely!


3 thoughts on “Underway Sunday

  1. Just started meal planning and it really takes the stress off of figuring out what to prep each night. I’ve also recently mastered the art of preparing just enough for the two of us so we don’t have leftovers (we are not good leftover eaters!)


  2. I started meal planning a couple months back and it makes my week so much easier. Now the problem is that I am running out of ideas. I would love a weekly post about your planning so I can get more ideas!


  3. I don’t “meal plan” per say, but I do plan out what I am goign to cook on Sunday night with the hopes that leftovers will carry me through until mid-week. From there, I throw together whatever I can as fast as I can when I get home from the gym!


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