Mid-Week Randoms

Ever just feel in a RANDOM mood?


Yeah, that’s how I’m feeling today.  And by today I mean last night when I actually sat down to write this post.  I have a bunch of posts I want to write, but last night I just wasn’t in the mood to write about any of them.  So instead, you get some F&F randomness.  Stick with me here, people.

— FIRST and FOREMOST:  Slesh asked me to be the maid of honor in her wedding!  YAYYYYY.  I have only ever been in one wedding before, and it was Auntie Paula’s when I was an extremely awkward 11 year old junior bridesmaid.  If you can even believe that.  I know you probably can’t.  Anyways, Slesh asked me a couple of weekends ago by just blurting it out in her room the next morning after I slept over after a night out in Davis Square.  We started jumping up and down and yelling and crying a little.  Her neighbors asked her later what all the ruckus was about, but I’m sure they understand.  I’m SO excited to be standing up there with my bestie on her special day.  Hopefully I can pull it together so everyone thinks I’m dainty and sophisticated!

me and slesh

— Last night I made a themed workout playlist, the first in what feel’s like a while.  Inspired by a recent post in the Recycle Studio blog, I was feelin’ me some Flo Rida.  So Flo Rida it was.  We got low and we left with a good feeling.  Terrible joke, I know.  Moving right along.

Flo Rida Workout Playlist

— Ooo, ooo.  New fitness toys are always fun.  Right?

Thera Roll

April Arms Challenge peeps, don’t forget to be checking off your workouts on our tracking spreadsheet.  It’s almost time to pick some challenge winners!  Don’t let your motivation die down in the last week.  Keep at it… blast those biceps today!  Anyone noticing results?

— Do you follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest?  How exhausting is social media sometimes?  But I love it.


— I’m seeing Jillian Michaels’ Maximize Your Life tour in exactly one week from today!  Heading to Lowell with Ashley and Lauren to feel inspired.  I seriously can’t wait.  I wish it were a workout with Jillian, but then I think I might die and then what else would you guys read to procrastinate your work day in the morning? (I kid).  QUESTION:  If you could take part in a workout with Jillian, would you purposely slack off just so she’d come over to you and probably get right in your face and yell?!  Or would you try to impress her?  Tim asked me that the other day, and I’m still thinking about my answer.  I don’t think he intended it to be such a thought-provoking question, but I thought you guys might understand.

— Other upcoming events I’m excited for:  Rescheduled NH weekend getaway with Tim, blogger fitness event at The Studio Empower, two much-needed girls nights in May, Wellness by the Water retreat with Monique, and Greek Easter!

Easter Egg Bracketology

— Fav fitness move of the week:  Stability ball V-Sits.  Yup.  Check out #14 in this link.  The rest of the moves are good too, but I’m loving these!  A nice twist on one of my favorite core exercises.

I think that’s enough randomness for today, yes?

Let’s chat… about something random happening in your life!  Ready… go.

Hope to be back tomorrow with a bigger and better desire to write!

2 thoughts on “Mid-Week Randoms

  1. I’m going to wellness by the water too! Can’t wait! Also, for that question about Jillian, I think I would try to impress her but I probably still wouldn’t be doing as well as she’d want, so I’d end up getting yelled at haha.


  2. yeahhh for wellness by the water!! I am very jealous about your visit to see Jillian, too. I agree with Ashley’s comment:) Just clicked on the link for v-sits with a ball… the image in my head was SO much worse than what the move actually is, thank God. haha I have been slacking on my april arms challenge htis week. I’ve been doubling up to make up for it! I’ve TOTALLY noticed a difference in the definition of my arms, though:)


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