The Studio Empower: Review, Giveaway, and Discounts!

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to try a new fitness class at The Studio Empower with celebrity trainer and founder Sebastien Lagree.  When I heard that Sebastien’s “Lagree Method” has been credited for Jennifer Aniston’s body, well… twist my arm!  Of course I was psyched for the invite and even more psyched my schedule was open that day so I could attend.

The Studio Empower

Upon entering the studio, I was greeted with warm and friendly smiles from the studio owners.  I immediately took to the look and feel of the studio.  It was very bright inside, as the windows open to the street to allow for a lot of light to come in, and it just had a comfortable vibe.  I think feeling comfortable from the get go is important, especially when trying something different.

Panaramic View of Empower Studio

The studio has eight (soon to be ten) torture devices Megaformer M3 machines.  If you are unfamiliar with the Megaformer M3’s, they have been described as Pilates reformers on steroids.  At first glance, I suppose the machines do look kind of scary: springs? straps? a moving carriage? Ahh!  However, because of the small group atmosphere, it was extremely easy to catch on.  I felt comfortable on the machine within the first five minutes of class.

The Studio Empower Megaformer M3

Going into the class, I thought I would be taking part in a Pilates workout, however I was misinformed and quickly corrected.  The Lagree Method definitely incorporates the basic principles of traditional Pilates, but Sebastien explained to us that this style is much more than just a Pilates class.  The workout is high intensity/low impact, which is definitely appealing to those who may have overuse injuries from too many high impact activities (hello, self!) and want something a little easier on the joints.  Also, the Lagree Method is designed to work every muscle group to fatigue as it effectively strengthens and tightens the entire body in just a 45 minute session.

The Studio Empower

And strengthen and tighten we did!  The whole idea behind this style of fitness is to work SLOWLY.  For those of you who take my classes at the Y, I am constantly telling you to slow down, no?  Well in this class, we definitely slowed down.  We moved slowly, deliberately, and under control.  I found that when doing this, I could really focus more on form.  I also noticed an increased range of motion than usual!  My muscles were quivering throughout the entire class (literally from the very first lunge), and although I wasn’t jumping up and down and all over the place as usual, I worked up a pretty big sweat.

The Studio Empower

The Studio Empower

I really enjoyed this workout.  It was humbling and awesome to do something different for a change.  I was sore for days afterward.

The Studio Empower

Another aspect I liked was being a part of a small group class.  I felt like I got more personal instruction, which I don’t get a lot of nowadays, being an instructor/trainer myself.  It was nice to be corrected!  One mistake I kept making was keeping my head down too much.  I was so busy making sure I was in the correct place on the machine that I didn’t realize my body wasn’t aligned from head to toe.  Check out my neck not in line with my spine here:

The Studio Empower

If that were anyone in my class, I would have been yelling “heads up!”  😉

Anyways, I went back this weekend for round two with my friend Jen, and I can’t wait to go back for class three (and more).  I definitely would recommend this type of workout as a nice supplement to your regular training plan or workout schedule!

Class Giveaway 

The folks at The Studio Empower have also kindly offered to give away ONE MONTH of unlimited classes ($279 value) to one lucky local F&F reader.  All you have to do is “like” both The Studio Empower AND Fitness & Feta on Facebook, and then leave me one comment on this post telling me why you’d love to win the giveaway!  The contest will end on Friday May 31st at 11:59 EST, and I’ll announce the winner the following Monday.

Class Discount

Even if you don’t win, there’s an option for everyone, as the studio is also offering a $5 first class for anyone that uses the code FETA at checkout.  Totally worth it!  I would love to hear what you think if you end up trying the class!

**Please note that both of these deals are for new clients only**

Have any of you taken a class that uses the Lagree Method before?  What did you think?

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this post, but I was provided a free class at the studio in exchange for writing this review.  All opinions are my own.  The Studio Empower is located at 81 Union St., Newton, MA. 

24 thoughts on “The Studio Empower: Review, Giveaway, and Discounts!

  1. That class sounds intense – I would love to try it (don’t know if anyplace around here offers it).
    The picture where y’all are on the machine with one leg sort-of freaks me out cause I could see me sliding to far out and doing the splits (which I can’t do)!!


  2. Athena,
    I really enjoyed your review of the Studio Empower, and I would love to try it! I have been yearning for a new type of workout, since I have not been able to get back to running full time (even after taking all winter off!). Thanks for sharing your experience and offering this great giveaway 🙂


  3. I would love to win the giveaway because I took a class at Empower (as per your recommendation) and I loved it. So different from the fast paced fitness world I’m used to.


  4. I ‘like’ both F&F and The Studio Empower on FB from my page!
    I would LOVE to try The Studio Empower because it seems like a workout unlike any other. I love yoga, dance, pilates, running… but I’ve never branched out and tried anything like this. My roommate has been and she RAVES about the burn. 🙂 Also love that it’s a small group atmosphere because those Megaformer M3s look intimidating.


  5. oh my goodness, I would LOVE to try a workout like this! I already liked Fitness and Feta on Facebook, but now I’ve like The Studio Empower as well. I’m really trying to experience as many different styles of group exercise as I can right now, since I’m going to train to be a group fitness instructor in the very near future. I’m getting ideas of the types of classes I would like to teach myself someday 🙂 and I’m always up for a new butt-kicking workout routine to try!!!


  6. I have liked Fitness and Feta and The Studio Empower on Facebook. I would love to win this because I think it great to incorporate all different styles of exercise and I think in a smaller class you can really benefit from the instructor! Thanks for the post, hope to check it out either way.


  7. What an awesome give away! And that class really does look awesome. I need to suck it up and just go sometime, even though it’s a little further than I usually like to travel when I’m working out (not for teaching purposes)!


  8. I already like Fitness & Feta on Facebook, but I just liked The Studio Empower too 🙂 I’d love to win this giveaway because I also suffer from overuse injuries, and I’d love to try something new that’s both effective *and* easy on the joints! 🙂


  9. Hey Athena! Since your other post on The Studio Empower, I’ve checked it out and would LOVE to win a free session of classes so that I can focus more on how my body is working instead of moving so quickly and forgetting to be mindful of each muscle group. I think my knees and lower back might appreciate a little slower of a workout as well, since I’m always doing HIIT and high impact conditioning…Thanks!


  10. I would love to try this out! I drove by the Studio Empower the other day on my way home from work. It looks very cool! I have liked both F&F and Studio Empower on Facebook. Thanks!


  11. So I just tried my hand on the pilates reformer and LOVED it. I have been to a few one on one classes with the pilates teacher and I have to agree with you that the smaller classes are wonderful! I would love to try this studio out! You and Studio Empowerment have been liked on facebook 🙂


  12. Athena-
    I have liked both Fitness & Feta and Studio Empower because it is exactly like partnerships like these that I learn about Fitness & nutrition which is my obsession these days. I would LOVE to win the Studio Empower Month Giveaway. I have always been a complete cardio enthusiast and am slowly being moved over to the power of pilates. I love this idea of power pilates!


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