F&F Friday Favorites {and Studio Empower giveaway winner}

Happy Friday! 

I dragged my butt out of bed this morning to take a 6am class at The Studio Empower with Jen.  I’m definitely a little sleepy now, but my legs are ON FIRE.  Tomorrow will be a cardio day for sure!

The Studio Empower

Speaking of The Studio Empower, the winner of my free month giveaway is Ali Campbell!  Yay, Ali!  Please email me at akaralekas@gmail.com to claim your prize.  If you DIDN’T win and are a new client, don’t forget that the studio is still offering a $5 first class for anyone that uses the code FETA at checkout.  A $5 fitness class is a steal, so it’s definitely worth it.

And now it’s time for a little link lovin’ – enjoy!

Friday Favorites

— Another recipe to add to my summer baking list!  This strawberry lemonade cake looks to die for.

Three delicious looking recipes, all in the same post.  Thanks, Jen!  Your food always looks so yummy.

— I’ve been all about supersets lately for strength work.  Katie posted this full body superset workout that I’ll likely incorporate into a class format soon.  Also in this post, a drop set workout with heavier weights that I’m used to.  Will need to try both for sure.  Fun!

— For those who complain that fitness is expensive, read this.  You do not need a gym membership to be fit.

Cape Vacation 2012:  Backyard Workouts

— I am totally like Amy in the sense that as a trainer/instructor, when I walk into a gym and see someone doing an exercise incorrectly, it hurts my heart.  Amy shared some important exercise form reminders here for some of the more “basic” movements.

— Scared of those intimidating ropes at your gym?  Here are a few different ways to use them effectively.

— Thank you, Renee, for posting the pictures of your new magnetic weekly meal plan calendar.  I really should buy it because I waste so much paper writing out my meal plans week after week!  Christmas Tree Shops for the win.

60 of the world’s happiest facts — sure to bring a smile to your face.  I challenge you to think of a “happy fact” you could add to this list.

Cape Cod Vacation 2012:  Lil Caboose Ice Cream

24 life lessons from Stellina worth reading.  And doing.

— As always, I can relate to any blogger that pours their heart out about over-committing to things and taking on too much.  You are not alone, Lindsay!

Please feel free to share your favorite web finds in the comments!

Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?  I’m going to The Paint Bar tonight with my gym ladies!


2 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites {and Studio Empower giveaway winner}

  1. Thanks for the shoutout Athena! Hope you enjoy the Superset Workout when you do it, it’s a toughie 🙂 I’m using you as some inspiration for a rest day today, based on when you took about a week off awhile ago, I know I need at least 3 rest days this week so I’m taking them! Happy Friday!


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