Weekly Workouts {Atlanta Style}

Morning!  I have a lot of work to dive into today, so here we go with a quick recap of my workouts last week while I was in Atlanta.  Despite being on the road, I was still able to fit in some solid exercise time.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Courtyard Gym

The hotel gym wasn’t too shabby equipment wise, but it was sweltering beyond belief in there.  AND they didn’t have any wipes or spray for the equipment.  Gross.

Rest day

20 minutes elliptical intervals + lower body circuits

Lower Body Circuits

15 minutes steady state on the elliptical + upper body strength from a past Best Body Bootcamp workout

10 minutes steady state on the elliptical + total body supersets + ab work.  For supersets I chose:
– Side lunges with bicep curls / spiderman planks
– Plie squats with overhead triceps extensions / standing oblique twists with one leg raised
– Single arm & single leg row / reverse plank with alternating leg lifts

Monique’s favorite 20 minute no equipment on the road workout

20 minute workout

Rest day

My favorite 15 minute no equipment workout, the “total time” version I outlined in this post.

6 moves, 4 workouts

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday:  Rest
  • Monday:  Gym time after work (the morning just didn’t happen for me today), workout TBD
  • Tuesday:  Themed Two A Day!  This week is the first week that Liz and I are teaching back to back in a long time, so of course we’re doing a theme.  Wear your red, white, and blue if you are coming to class!
  • Wednesday:  I’m working from home in the afternoon, so planning a workout TBD at lunch time
  • Thursday:  Shooting for a 30 minute walk or quick 15 minute workout before the 4th festivities
  • Friday:  Workout TBD
  • Saturday:  Rest day… heading to New York for Jen’s wedding!  By rest day, I really mean dancing up a storm… right?!

My workouts are pretty vague this week… any suggestions for me?  Would love some new ideas to try.

Tell me something fun to start this week!


3 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {Atlanta Style}

  1. Thanks for trying my workout! I had to post-pone my Studio Empower workout until next week since I have a sinus infection and am severely dehydrated:( My workouts are so open, but check my blog on wednesday for a fun 4th of july one- might be just what you’re looking for on Thursday!
    ps- dancing TOTALLY counts as a workout:)


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