Weekly Workouts {Or Lack Thereof}

Good morning!  I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend.  I certainly enjoyed unplugging and getting away for the weekend.  I had lots of sun and family/boyfriend time down the Cape from Wednesday night through Friday night, and I had a blast at Jen‘s wedding on Saturday.  Both events were definitely too short, but they made me excited for my upcoming week off in just a few weeks.  This vacation can’t come soon enough!

With the holiday week, I certainly had all the best intentions to get five workouts in, but they just didn’t all happen.  It wasn’t a full rest week, but it was still de-loaded.  And that’s okay!  I know my workouts this week will feel just that much better.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts


Treadmill sprints + 15 minutes of core strength work

20 minute treadmill sprints

Two A Day Tuesday, patriotic style!  Took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught my “Red White & Blue” workout.

4th of July Workout


Morning run before the beach, followed by some quick lower body and ab work.  I did 15 front lunges right, 15 front lunges left, 15 squats, and plank.  Then repeated for three times total.



This Week’s Workouts

Here’s the plan for the upcoming week!

  • Sunday:  Off
  • Monday:  Core strength class, followed by Cardio Cutz class
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day — I’m teaching both classes this week
  • Wednesday:  Workout TBD or rest
  • Thursday:  Teaching my 6am class
  • Friday:  Cycle + core class
  • Saturday:  Workout TBD or rest

How was everyone’s 4th?  Anyone else feel a bit lax in their workout schedule because of the holiday week?

Before I go, here’s a special F&F birthday shout-out to Tim’s sister Katie!  Hope you have a great day!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts {Or Lack Thereof}

  1. The Red, White & Blue workout looks awesome! I love circuit workouts and how they keep you moving from one move to the next with little rest. You should totally have someone take pics of you doing each of the moves and make a printable for people 🙂


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