Back Update and Weekly Workouts

Good morning, friends!  How was everyone’s weekend?  Mine was just okay, as I have been trying not to re-aggravate my back after I pulled a muscle last week.  Thursday the spasms were so bad they kept me home from work, and unfortunately they continued into Friday night, causing me to miss Bridget’s birthday extravaganza.  Sadface.  The rest of my weekend included doing some blog clean up on Saturday morning, a wedding for a family friend of Tim’s, and some pool time on Sunday afternoon.  My back is feeling better, but only in the sense that I am no longer having spasms.  I have a huge knot that won’t work itself out, so I am considering getting a massage this week.  In the meantime, I’ve been taking a lot of ibuprofen and acetaminophen and hoping for the best.  Oh yeah, and resting too.  I know I need to because the back is not something to mess around with, but I am feeling large and in charge and pretty cranky without my usual endorphin flow.  Woe is me.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

That being said, what was originally supposed to be a way better workout week than the week before turned into another meh workout week.  And apparently meh workout weeks equal no pictures taken for the blog.


Took Ashley’s Core Strength class, followed by her Cardio Cutz class.  It was fun being in those classes again, and I was a sweaty mess by the end!

Subbed Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught my Interval class with a 3×3 mini circuit format.

Skipped my planned cardio to celebrate my presentation gone well!

Taught my 6am class with a different 3×3 mini circuit format.



This Week’s Workouts

I’m not sure yet about this week, again it’s going to depend on how I’m feeling.  I’m going to outline my ideal week, but I’m banking on needing to  teach (without doing) and lots of walking instead.  😦

  • Sunday:  Rest
  • Monday:  Cardio
  • Tuesday:  Strength work, pending how the back feels.  TBD whether in my own class or another class I evaluate.
  • Wednesday:  Cardio or rest
  • Thursday:  Strength work in my class
  • Friday:  Spin or rest
  • Saturday:  Kickboxing

Any advice for a pulled back muscle?


12 thoughts on “Back Update and Weekly Workouts

  1. Hi Athena,

    I hope you are feeling better soon. I had a pull in my back once and it took a few days of rest for it to feel better. I love your blog and the pix that are included.


    Aunt Tina


  2. Depending on the severity, some tips I’d suggest… doing what you’re doing – rest, ibeprofen… also ice/heat… and light stretching. You don’t want it to get stiff. Massage may help the knot but may also aggravate it too. I had a small injury from straining my back while squatting heavy… it just took time to heal but I also did stretching with it and that really helped. Cheers to quick healing!


    • But I didn’t think I was overworking, especially with my 3 day workout week the week before! Maybe I need to slow down anyways. My supervisor said she thought it was due to the stress of our wellness presentation last week!


  3. Hope you’re feeling better! I totally get how you’re feeling right now. I had a foot/leg injury a while back and couldn’t run or do a lot of lower body exercises, it drove me nuts. Resting was so irritating but crucial to the healing process.


  4. Hope you are feeling better soon!!

    And also, I am LOVING the new look of your blog! I’ve been thinking of cleaning mine up a bit too lately. Yours looks awesome!


    • Thanks, Amber! I am feeling a bit better than last week. I’ve been doing some light cardio this week and just moving is helping it.

      Also thank you to your compliment on my blog layout! I was HATING my previous look but just never took the time to fix it up. I feel so much better about it. Worth the time!


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