The .5 Treadmill Workout

Guess what day it is?!

This commercial is still hilarious to me.

Anyways, I just wanted to check in quickly to share a new treadmill workout I came up with for you guys.  I call it my .5 treadmill workout because you are consistently increasing your speed by .5 throughout the 30 minutes it will take to complete this run.

The .5 Treadmill Workout

When I did this workout on Monday, my “comfortable” pace was at 6.0 mph.  So my intervals looked like this:

Minutes 0-5:   Warmup 3-5.5 mph
Minute 5-6:   6.0 mph
Minute 6-7:  6.5 mph
Minute 7-8:  7.0 mph
Minute 8-9:  7.5 mph
Minutes 9-25:  Back down to 6.0 to repeat these four minutes four more times for a total of five rounds
Minutes 25-30:  Gradual cooldown

The beauty of this workout is that you can apply it no matter what your fitness level is.  If you’d rather not run, you can still use this format for a walking workout.  If you’d rather test your speed more than I did, you can have your .5 increases get into the 8 or 9 range.  You could even apply this to a different machine if you wanted.  Maybe each “.5 increase” equals a notch up on the resistance on a spin bike or an increase in resistance on the elliptical.  Whatever you choose, make it work for you.

Get After It

Hope you like it!

What’s your preference for a cardio machine workout?  Treadmill?  Elliptical?  Bike?  Other?

Enjoy the day!


3 thoughts on “The .5 Treadmill Workout

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