Weekly Workouts {Sore Galore}

Good morning!  How was everyone’s weekend?

Here’s quick rundown of mine:

On Friday night a bunch of us headed to Granary Tavern for Slesh’s birthday celebrations.

Slesh Bday

Saturday was my company picnic, and then Tim & I hung out with our friends Cate & Joe for the night.


Finally, Sunday morning was some much-needed clean-up/workout/catchup time, but at least on Sunday afternoon I got to spend some time in the sun by the Belmont pool.  Hope you guys got to do something fun!

Monday motivation time…

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

Last week started out strong after my vacation, but I weaned off a bit toward the end of the week.

Sunday was my first day back at it after vacation.  I did a sweaty 20 minutes on the elliptical, then busted out some total body strength supersets afterwards.  I also did a ton of partner abs with Tim at the end of the workout.

Took Ashley’s Core Strength class, then hopped on a treadmill for my .5 Treadmill Workout.

The .5 Treadmill Workout

Took Maria’s total body conditioning class in the morning, then went back to the gym for Two A Day Tuesday at night.  I took Liz’s Kickboxing class for my day’s cardio, then I taught a partner/games/stations workout for my class.  At the end of class, each partner group had to decide how they would get to 100 burpees between the two of them.  While one partner did burpees, the other partner would plank.

Stations Partner Class

Tried my first CrossFit class!  It kicked my butt.

CrossFit Together at City Sports

Taught Tabata bootcamp in my 6am class.  I was way too sore from CrossFit the night before to do any of the moves, so I just taught without doing.

Active rest — 30 minute walk.  Because I was still so sore!

Rest — I had full intentions to get up and workout before the picnic, but Slesh’s birthday celebrations on Friday night were the cause of me sleeping in later than anticipated.

This Week’s Workouts

Here’s this week’s plan:

  • Sunday:  Outdoor run + at home strength circuits
  • Monday:  Cardio + core strength
  • Tuesday:  Two A Day
  • Wednesday:  Either a cardio + core workout in the morning, or if I can squeeze one in before my dad’s birthday dinner I’ll do that.
  • Thursday:  Teaching my 6am
  • Friday:  Probably none unless I do a quick at home workout — Erica is visiting!
  • Saturday:  Rest

What’s the last workout that left you super, super sore?

Have a great start to your week!