Fall Into Fitness Challenge

Get excited, friends!  Today I am announcing my next Fitness & Feta blog challenge.  This one is in honor of the first day of fall yesterday, and I’m calling it my “Fall Into Fitness” Challenge.  Read on for the details on how to join:

Fall Into Fitness Challenge

This challenge is going to be a little different from my January Abs and my April Arms challenges.  Instead of focusing on one body part for a whole month, I will be sharing several different exercises that target various body parts with you guys.  During the month of October, there will be one “move of the day” for each day.  The challenge is for you to complete that day’s exercise, as prescribed, at some point during your day.  Whether you do just that one move or incorporate it into your regular fitness routine is up to you!  The point is to just encourage you to move more this fall and learn some new exercises.

Fall Into Fitness Challenge

How to sign up:

Email me at fitnessandfeta@gmail.com by Monday 9/30 to let me know that you would like to be added to the challenge.  I will then add your name to a master spreadsheet (just like in April Arms) that is shared via a Google Doc among all participants.  This document is meant to motivate you by means of accountability!

There are prizes!

I will be giving away prizes EACH WEEK in the month of October, plus three larger prizes at month’s end.

  • For the weekly drawings, for every challenge you complete (and check off on the spreadsheet) you will be given one prize entry.
  • To be eligible for the monthly drawing, you must have completed (and checked off on the spreadsheet) at least 21 out of the 31 days in October.
  • Extra entries can be accumulated for both the weekly and monthly drawings by using social media!  You will receive one extra entry every time you post a picture of yourself doing a day’s challenge on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the following hashtags: #fallintofitness and #moveaday.  Note: Only one submission per social media platform will be counted.

Important:  You will not be considered for the contest if you are not listed on the spreadsheet!

Other important things to note:

  • You will receive the exercises each week via an email newsletter.  I will not be posting the exercises each day on the blog.  So again, if you don’t email me to sign up – you won’t know what to do!
  • This challenge is open to ANYBODY.  Whether you are a seasoned fitness guru or have never worked out a day in your life, you can make this work for you.  I will be providing both beginner and advanced versions of all exercises.
  • This challenge is NOT meant to replace a regular training plan.  You will not see total body results or weight loss without regular cardio, total body strength, and flexibility training.  This challenge is about finding small ways to include extra exercises into your day and your regular fitness schedule (each take about five minutes!).  It’s really about learning new exercises that you can incorporate into your regular fitness routine and challenging yourself to pushing just a little bit harder than you normally would.
  • This challenge is FREE!  There is no cost involved to participate.  Cause I’m awesome like that.

I hope you guys will have fun with this and that I’ll hear from you soon!


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