Weekly Workouts

Hello again!  I have been a bit MIA on the blog lately.  But it’s only because I’ve been up in Maine for my annual “No Carbs Left Behind” weekend trip with my college girlfriends.  I’m sad it’s over because the weekend was so much fun, and I could stay in Maine forever.  Thank you, Bridget, for hosting/bringing back our tradition!  I’ll recap the fun another time, but since it’s Monday I do want to share my usual weekly workouts lineup.

Weekly Workouts

Last Week’s Workouts

At home workout.  Did the ten minutes of cardio from this workout to warm up, then did upper body strength work for chest, back, and shoulders.

Monday was the day I didn’t plan what cardio I was going to do and ended up having an awesome workout.  I did a mile run, 500 meter row, and 60 second elbow plank three times through.

TRP Cardio Workout

Took Liz’s Kickboxing class, then taught my class for Two A Day.  The Y finally got a microphone for the group ex studio, and I tried it out for the first time.  I absolutely hated every second of using it.  I felt like I should be teaching yoga – my energy levels just weren’t the same when I talked through the mic instead of just yelling and bouncing all over the place as usual.

Active rest – 20 minute walk

Taught my 6am class in the morning.  I did a mini circuits theme – first move was a compound movement, second was something that challenged balance or stability, and third was a power or plyometric exercise.

Four mile power walk in Ogunquit.  I also led a round of Monique’s booty burner in the driveway!

Ogunquit: Booty Burner

Active rest – did a walk on the beach, and a walk to and from dinner, but that’s about it!

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Maybe a run if there’s time, but psyched for yoga at Fenway Park tonight!  Huge thank you to New Balance for sending me to this event.
  • Tuesday:  Christine is subbing for 6pm spin, so thinking of heading to that class before teaching mine!
  • Wednesday:  Maybe Aloisia’s Core/Cardio Cutz classes
  • Thursday: Teaching my 6am
  • Friday:  Rest
  • Saturday:  Monique’s Kickboxing

Boston bloggers – anyone else heading to the Fenway event tonight?

P.S. I am so excited that I already have over 60 people signed up for my Fall Into Fitness Challenge.  If you missed my post this morning with all the details, check it out here.  Hope you’ll join in on the fun!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts

  1. Love that you did the booty burner with the girls! and, I’m not a huge fan of that mic, but in general i love teaching with the mic. it is SO tiring to yell instruct and bounce around that i find i don’t have the energy to workout as much with the class when i’m not wearing one. Did you feel that way when I taught with it? I’d love ot know if members feel the same way as you felt when you wore the mic.


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