Thirty Greeks

Two weekends ago there was a Greek dinner dance event held at the Newton Marriott to fundraise for the Weston Greek church community. My godfather lives in Weston and invited a lot of our family members to attend this event. And by a lot, I mean thirty of us!

Here’s Tim and I with my godfather (Nouno) and my dad…

Greek Dance

Now my family is a little hard to understand because my mom’s first cousins were my dad’s friends and next door neighbors growing up. For example, my godfather is actually my mom’s first cousin, but he was the best man in my parents’ wedding because he was my dad’s best friend. Make sense? It was just like that back then! Because of this, many of my family events include both my mom’s side and my dad’s side… because everyone is intertwined somehow. Note – that doesn’t mean interrelated!

We had to laugh because every other table at the event was round and sat your typical 8-10 people. Not ours!

Greek Dance

I had a fun night catching up with relatives I hadn’t seen in a while, especially my second cousins. Some other snapshots of the night include one of me with my mom…

Greek Dance

One of Auntie Connie, Tom, Becca, Auntie Paula, Mike, me, and Dean…

Greek Dance

One of me and Auntie Paula…

Greek Dance

One of me and Tim that didn’t come out that great…

Greek Dance

And a bunch of us all Greek dancing, of course.

Greek Dancing

They didn’t play anything else except Greek music all night, and we all worked up a sweat on the dance floor! I was excited that Tim actually attempted one dance too. That’s all I wanted!

Have you ever participated in Greek dancing before? Were you any good?

This was a fun night with my family!


8 thoughts on “Thirty Greeks

  1. I do LOVE Greek dancing! My parents entertained all their friends(translation=cousins) and dance Greek in our living room for hours. Can never get enough, it’s in the blood.


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  3. I stumbled across your blog as fitness and feta are two of my passions. I’m also Greek and St. Demetrius in Weston is my family’s church as well! What a small world. If you’re looking to do a little Greek dancing on Thanksgiving weekend, there is a fun event for young professionals as an after party to the annual Mistletoe Ball, hosted by the Hellenic Women’s Club. Here is a link to the 3rd Annual Mistletoe Mingle Facebook event page should you like to sweat in formal attire again:


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