F&F Friday Favorites

It’s back!

Friday Favorites

It’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a Friday Favorites, huh? My blog reading and Internet perusing has been pretty much non-existent lately, but last night I actually took some time for myself to relax while catching up on some reading. Hooray for me time! That being said, here are ten things I want to share with you guys. Some are recent, some not so much, but they’re the things I’ve saved “to share at some point.” Enjoy!

–> Yes, yes, YES! WHY you work out is more important than HOW you work out. A must read.

–> If you are still on a fall food obsession like me, Lindsay shares 20 of her favorite fall recipes. Yum!

–> There’s been lots of controversy over a Maria Kang picture floating around the Internet lately. Molly Galbraith gives two points of views, inspirational or fat-shaming? What do you think?

–> Stuck in a rut with your strength training? Try mixing up your routine with different formats. Tina lists 20 ways to do so in this post!

Heavier Lifting

–> This post is VERY similar to some of my thoughts lately. Too similar. But then again, I relate so much to some of the things Whitney writes!

–> An amazing post on body image, body acceptance, and loving your body for what it can do.  Thank you for this, Sarah!


–> I love this article that Liz forwarded me a while back. It explains 12 common misconceptions about fitness instructors. My new blend (blogger friend!) Caroline also recently posted about 5 personal trainer myths. Do you have any?

–> These cookies just might be next on my to bake list. They look so yummy!

–> My friend Jen brought her Winesday Wednesday series back. Woohoo! Make sure to share all your boozy favorites with her @nutcaseinpoint using hashtag #winesdaywednesday to be included in her weekly roundup  post.

–> Sometimes life just gets in the way. Thank you for that reminder, Kathy. I think we all need that every once in a while.

Any good reads or finds you’d like to share this week?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


One thought on “F&F Friday Favorites

  1. I totally agree with how Molly put it in that post. I don’t think that woman was trying to “fat shame” anyone.. but I do see how her message could be taken the wrong way by people. There are other ways to say “Whats your excuse?” without sounding judgmental. Not that I think she was trying to be… but I can see how it would be taken the wrong way by some women or mothers who are trying very hard to live a healthy lifestyle. It’s a tough argument, that’s for sure! But good for her for looking the way she does and making her lifestyle a healthy one : )


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