F&F Friday Favorites {The 5 Version}

TGIF! Am I right or am I right?

Here are my faves from the week. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites

5 Fitness Favorites

Boston Mania - MMA

  • Do you have any strength imbalances? Ever wondered how to strengthen that weaker side? Nia Shanks explains it all.
  • If you are looking for new workout music, Recycle Studio just posted another REPLAY of the week. Check out these jams.
  • Back to basics —> Here are three basic exercises you may be doing incorrectly.
  • Yes to everything in this post about missed fitness opportunities, including not thinking about them as mistakes/failure. Just ways to improve, people!
  • I will be trying this workout that Monique posted this week in her Wednesday Workout series. I think Jen tried it this week too, judging by Wednesday night Instagram activity.

5 Food Favorites


  • Sweet potato and pomegranate salad. Sounds like me, huh?
  • Anne wrote a whole post about quinoa, with fun facts and recipes. For you readers who are thinking, quin-whaaa, definitely read this one! I made the cranberry and pecan version for lunch this week (pictured above).
  • Three different ways to make baked brie bites. This has holiday appetizer written all over it.
  • Cranberry sauce. Not from a jar.
  • 33 vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes that taste like real food, along with 44 vegan ones as well. I love that Greatist added “…and not tofurkey” to this post title.

5 Blogging Favorites


5 Healthy Living Favorites

Core Strength - Side Plank

  • Interesting? Harsh? What do you think?
  • Here are 5 quick and easy ways to have a healthy Thanksgiving, courtesy of Around the Plate.
  • Attention worry warts! Ten ways to worry less.
  • The secret to productivity. Need!
  • This one really resonated with me. Let’s stop being sorry for the times life gets too busy to blog. Let’s stop being sorry for the times you just have to say no and take a break. And how awesome to compare LIFE to interval training in a workout. Thank you, Tina!

What have you guys been reading this week? Share in the comments!

I also want to start sharing the things you guys send me throughout the week. I used to do this when I was posting Friday Favorites more often, so let’s make it happen again. I love seeing the things you’re reading, making, eating, doing for workouts, etc. Send them along to me via email or social media, and I’ll try my best to include/share in these posts.

Happy weekend!

10 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites {The 5 Version}

  1. Good Friday reading! I was catching up on my email and blog reads because the weather is crappy and I don’t feel like being productive. Of course this ended with clicking the link to the secret of productivty. Thank you for the casual ease in to my Friday, I suppose I am ready to work now!


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