2013 Friendsgiving Dinner

Last week our friends Slesh and Will hosted Friendsgiving 2013 at their apartment for Tim and me, Katrina and Geoff, Bridget and Dave, and Mastro and Steve.

Friendsgiving 2013

This was a tradition we started before the girls all parted ways, and I love that we continue our tradition despite not living together anymore and all having such busy schedules.

We had a huge food lineup. Tim and I were in charge of bringing an appetizer, so we threw together one of our holiday favorites, cranberry avocado salsa with pita chips.

Cranberry Avocado Salsa

Katrina and Geoff brought a salad. They’re hard to spot, but there are pomegranates in there. I am LOVING pomegranates lately. The end of pumpkin season isn’t as depressing when pomegranate season is right around the corner.

Friendsgiving Salad

Will slaved over the oven all day to cook us a real turkey. Gold star for Will!

Friendsgiving 2013 Turkey

My favorite side dish was Bridget’s roasted veggie mix because it had so many of my other favorite seasonal flavors in there like Brussels sprouts, cranberry, and butternut squash.

Friendsgiving Roasted Vegetables

Slesh and Will also made stuffing and roasted potatoes.

Friendsgiving 2013 Stuffing

Friendsgiving Potatoes and Onions

Tim brought along his famous mashed sweet potato dish.

Friendsgiving Mashed Sweet Potatoes

And of course there was dessert. I didn’t have time to bake anything last week, but I picked up some fun treats from Whole Foods on the way over.

Friendsgiving Whole Foods Dessert

Trina also brought a pumpkin pie that I didn’t snap a picture of, and Bridget brought “Mimi cookies” (the cookies her grandmother always made for us in college). Love!

Friendsgiving Cookies

We had a fun night catching up, eating, and enjoying a few adult bevvies too. We also facetimed Erica and Chris into our celebration because we missed having them there in person.

A big thanks to Slesh and Will for hosting a fun night!

Do you and your friends have a Friendsgiving celebration?

I’m off to my kitchen to put together the appetizers and desserts I’m bringing to my grandfather’s house tomorrow, and then Tim and I are going to enjoy a low-key night in together. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow and get to enjoy the day with your loved ones.


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