Guest Post: A Mother’s Motivation

Hi friends! Today’s guest post is brought to you by Lil. Lil blogs over at Surprise Mommy about her adventures as a new mom. I thought it would be fun to have a baby related post on the blog, since clearly this is a topic I know nothing about. Enjoy!

A Mother’s Motivation

I gave birth to my daughter, Avery, at 2:27pm on April 15, 2013.

Lil's Guest Post: Newborn
She was far from planned, but upon learning the news I was pregnant, I made a plan. I chose to not let my pregnancy be an excuse to gain weight and eat whatever I wanted. I chose to be relatively healthy while growing a little human inside of me. I knew that when she was born, I would breastfeed. I would never judge anyone for deciding what is best for themselves and their baby. I was not sure what was best, I just knew that I had to try. With so many awful things in this world that I can not control, I wanted to be able to control one thing, what my daughter ate. Along with every other plan I have (or haven’t) made in my life, breastfeeding was a lot harder than I thought. A lot. Without all the gory details, after just 6 weeks, I had to switch to formula. Formula became what was best for my daughter. From there, I made a new plan.

I knew I wanted to make my daughter her own food for the same reasons I wanted so badly to breastfeed. I wanted the control over what I fed her. Not being successful with breastfeeding reinforced how badly I wanted to succeed at making her food. Her first meal was sweet potatoes. I peeled and steamed the potatoes before pureeing them. She LOVED them.

Lil's Guest Post: Sweet Potatoes

In those first few weeks, we did the same with bananas, carrots, squash, peaches, and pears. There were some other vegetables and fruits that I wanted her to be able to try, but would have been difficult to make. Take peas, for example. I would have needed to remove the peas from pea pods, steam them, and purée them. I guess if I was winning mom of the year, I would have done this. However, I instead turned to Earth’s Best organic baby food for those that are not the easiest to whip up. They offer awesome products, and I trust them for those times where I am in a rush and Baby A is too hungry to wait! I found that Sundays were the best days to prep the baby food for the coming week. Depending on the food, I would make them and store them in the freezer in plastic storage jars. I would take out the meals I needed for the next day, the night before. One of my favorite recipes once she was around 6 months old was bananas and broccoli. Sweet and simple. One part bananas to two parts broccoli, steamed and pureed.

It is crazy how fast phases pass. I remember when I started making her food at 4 months, how I assumed I would be doing it forever. At 8.5 months, Avery now eats small bites of what we are eating. We still make her food, or offer her the jarred purees, but she would rather interact and eat with us than for us to feed her. Yet again, my life has changed in the sense that now my own food choices impact her. If we are going to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our daughter, it is equally important that my husband and I set positive examples.

Lil's Guest Post: Avery

Time for a new plan to get our entire family on the same healthy track!

Parents, chat with Lil! Did or does anyone make homemade baby food for their little ones? How do you keep your kids healthy and your entire family on a healthy track?

Last Weekly Workouts Post of 2013

Hello! I hope everyone is enjoying the last few days of the year. It’s kind of crazy we’ll be into 2014 before we know it. I’ve really been enjoying my time off over the last week, and I’m psyched to wrap up my year tomorrow night at the wedding of two of our best friends. It’s going to be SO fun.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and talk about my workouts last week. Holiday weeks don’t necessarily mean rest weeks or time off. For me, they usually mean getting creative with the time I have.

Weekly Workouts

–Last Week’s Workouts–

Took Emily’s 20/20/20 class. It was a little rough after Shannon‘s Christmas party the night before, but I powered through.

I did a 30 minute elliptical workout with pyramid climbs and Tabata work, followed by a 20 minute AMRAP workout.

20 minute AMRAP workout

Since it was Christmas Eve, the Y wasn’t holding any group ex classes after 12pm, and I didn’t have my usual Two A Day. Instead, I woke up early to take my friend Christine’s spin class. She called it her Christmas Eve “sleigh ride,” and it was super fun. I wish she didn’t teach on Tuesdays so I could go more often.


Christmas Day – off

Did my 3-2-1 treadmill workout, followed by some heavier lifting for chest and back with Tim. We did these supersets (10 reps of each move, 3 rounds of each superset):
–barbell bench press/cable lat pulldown
–dumbbell incline chest fly/underhand grip barbell row
–standing cable chest press/inverted row

We finished off our workout with some partner abs and called it a night.


At home workout. I tried out the Day After Christmas Crumble workout via Fitnessista. The description was a fast and furious tabata strength combo, and it certainly did not disappoint. Plus, I got to try out my new resistance bands from Santa Tim.

I did 25 minutes of steady cardio on the elliptical, followed by another heavier lifting session with Tim. This time we focused on legs, and our supersets looked like this:
–cable glute extensions (fatigue each leg) / barbell deadlifts (8-10 reps)
–weighted wall squats (fatigue) / barbell squats (8-10 reps)
–weighted lunge pulses (fatigue each leg) / dumbbell side lunges (8-10 reps each leg)

Leg Day

–This Week’s Workouts–

I’m still somewhat playing it by ear…

  • Sunday: Took it easy. At home core workout, that’s it!
  • Monday: TBD… maybe a biceps/triceps day with some cardio thrown in?
  • Tuesday: Hopefully something quick in the morning before we head out to the wedding
  • Wednesday: New Year’s Day, likely off after wedding festivities the night before
  • Thursday: Back to teaching! See you guys at 6am for the first workout of 2014
  • Friday: TBD!
  • Saturday: Monique‘s kickboxing class

How are your last workouts of the year going? Anyone doing anything fun for New Year’s Eve tomorrow?

Jingle Well Time – Winter Wellness Challenge Week 5

Week 5 is really only two days long to finish up the month, but I didn’t want you guys to forget about our last two challenges as part of Jingle Well Time!

Jingle Well Time Weeks 4 & 5

To read more about making SMART goals instead of resolutions for the New Year, click here. Feel free to share using #jinglewelltime or chat about it in the Facebook group.

I’ve had a ton of fun doing this challenge with you guys! Hope you enjoyed it.