F&F Friday Favorites ~ 3.21.14

Time for another round of Friday Favorites!

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Friday Favorites

One thing I’ve thought about all week is this article that Closer posted with the intention of being “inspiring.” I don’t really think it’s inspiring at all. I think it’s body shaming masked as inspiration. Just ask Patrice, I was all fired up about this first thing on Monday morning at work. GAH. All I know is that I love the response written here.

Here are the rest of my favorite reads:


Worksite Wellness

Foodie & Recipes




Readers, leave some link love in the comments.

Happy weekend!


28 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites ~ 3.21.14

  1. I’m not even done reading this yet and I need to comment. What is wrong with Closer for posting that? The woman sounds like a complete asshole. Trying to turn around her awful words with a motivational push. It’s not smart… it’s demoralizing and fat-shaming. Now I’m all bent out of shape about it, Athena! What is wrong with people! Maybe she should have just smiled at her and given her the runner’s “nod” instead of fat-shaming and trying to put herself on a pedestal on social media. I’m disgusted.

    Ok – off to read the rest of your post now. πŸ™‚


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