F&F Friday Favorites ~ 06.06.14

It’s here, it’s here! Katrina and Geoff’s wedding weekend has finally arrived.

Trina & Geoff's Engagement

I cannot believe that Katrina and I met at new hire orientation for the company we work for seven (!) years ago, and this weekend I am going to her WEDDING. I’m so thankful she turned around that day and asked if I wanted to be her lunch friend.



Me Trina

She is going to make the most beautiful bride, and I am so excited for all the festivities that are about to ensue.

I guess I can contain my excitement for a hot second to share my Friday Favorites with you guys. This week was pretty busy, so I only managed to get one post up (womp, womp), but if you missed it here you go: Restaurant Review: Jerry Remy’s Athlete’s Menu.

And here’s your Friday reading material! Enjoy!

Friday Favorites





Share your links in the comments, tell me about something fun that happened this week, or share your weekend plans.

Catch you next week, friends!


10 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites ~ 06.06.14

  1. I like the Crossfit article and the responses. Everyone has a point of view and different exercises work for different people – and people should accept that. On that note, I am jealous of the support system that is “cultish” when it comes to Crossfit and Paleo. On the flipside, I have a friend who is walking in a boot because of her Crossfit injury.


    • I agree with your comment that everyone has a point of view and exercises for different people for sure. If someone loves Zumba and that works for them, the point isn’t that they AREN’T doing CrossFit or strength training or running. The point is they are out there and moving! And vice versa. CrossFit definitely has a “cultish” kind of feel, but I will argue that you can get that same type of camaraderie in a group exercise setting or even with gym friends you workout with on your own! I know I’ve found that at the Y!


  2. I love weddings! Alas, there are unlikely to be any more in my life until my children are old enough to get married 😉
    This weekend I’ll be attending a mother-daughter website coding workshop and going to Cirque de Soleil with my family.
    Thanks so much for including my pantry raid post in your round up! xo


    • You’re welcome, Tamara! I’m at that time of my life (late twenties) where my boyfriend and I are averaging about six weddings a year. It’s crazy, and this year is the craziest since my three best friends are all getting married in June, July, and September!

      Hope you had a nice time at your workshop and show. 🙂


  3. So awesome that from being lunch buddies 7 years ago you are now helping celebrate the big day – have a great weekend!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing my post!!!


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