Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

Ever since Sarah posted this field of dreams workout, I’ve been dying to take my Thursday morning class outside for a baseball diamond bootcamp workout. The weather wasn’t on our side for a while, but this week it finally cooperated, and we were able to take our fitness outdoors.

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

The workout looked like this:

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp

The premise of the workout was inspired by one of the free CrossFit classes held last summer at Legacy Place. Kaylin, thank you for passing this format along to me!

For a group exercise setting, here’s the gist:

  • Break class into teams.
  • Each team picks someone to be #1 and go first.
  • Team member #1 for each group will start with the walking lunges from home base to first base. The second person on each team cannot start their lunges until their teammate has made it to first base, and so on.
  • Once the first people reach first base, they switch from the traveling lunges to the static move. In this case, 10 squats with a three count hold at the bottom of each. Once done with those, they can start the next traveling move (bear crawls). The second person cannot move on from the static move until the first person is at the next base, so in some cases, people might be doing more than ten reps at each base.
  • Continue in this pattern with all the exercises for the desired amount of time.

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

The point is to encourage camaraderie, and you can turn it into a competition by having each team tally how many times they cross home base. If you are doing this workout on your own outside of a class setting, it took us about 30-40 minutes to complete four rounds and a warmup. Of course this is just an estimate, as your speed has a lot to do with it!

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

At the end of class, I had them attack a hill. These ladies OWNED Adair Street (steeper than it looks).

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

I also threw in a little extra partner ab work at the end for an extra burn.

Baseball Diamond Bootcamp Workout

After that, we stretched and called it a morning. Well, except for me. Then I hit the weight room since I was basically just running around the diamond yelling encouraging things for an hour.

If you came to class this morning, I hope you got a great workout and enjoyed switching things up!

–Let’s chat–
Have you ever done a baseball diamond workout before? What did it entail? Instructors, do you have any other creative suggestions for taking your classes outside?
Readers, do you prefer group exercise classes indoors or outdoors?

We’re almost at the weekend, friends!

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