F&F Friday Favorites ~ 07.25.14

I am so fuh-reaking excited to have a low-key weekend. It’s borderline pathetic how psyched I am to wake up tomorrow and ask myself what I feel like doing. I see date night, time spent outside, the farmer’s market, and some R&R in my future. <–much needed.

If you missed my posts this week, here you go:

Now sit back for another round of awesomeness from around the web:

Friday Favorites





–Let’s chat–
How are your weekends looking? Busy or relaxed?
What was the best part of your week? What are three things you plan on doing today?

Three things for me today? Go out to lunch with Tim’s parents, organize all the returns I have to do, and play around with my new blog design coming soon! Happy weekend, friends.


16 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites ~ 07.25.14

  1. Oh wow, so many great links. LOVE the 6 reasons your body doesn’t look different. It’s hard to accept sometimes, but gradual, small changes that you turn into habits are definitely the way to go. Also love the Boston inspired posts! I’m still maneuvering my way through fitness in Boston, so I’d love to see more posts about that!
    I have a friend visiting from out of town, so we’ll probably do some Freedom Trail exploration and end at the top of Bunker Hill. Today, I plan on going for a long walk as an active recovery day and getting some prep done for back-to-school! (I’m a 7th grade teacher, so it’s coming quickly!)


  2. I am serving a farm to table dinner tonight on my patio with my fire pit (and kids playing) in the background 🙂 I cannot wait! I did most of the prep last night and tonight I’ll add the finishing touches tonight after I get back from my friends pool.


  3. My weekend will be pretty busy, but I love the up-beat pace. The best part of my week will be today when I get home. 🙂 Great post. I especially loved the post on “Six reasons your body doesn’t look any different despite “doing everything right””. Thanks for this! Have an awesome weekend!


  4. I opened up over half of the links! Thanks for sharing all these great articles.

    Also, you’re pretzel bites look ah-mazing!


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