F&F Friday Favorites ~ 10.25.14

Good morning, and happy Friday!

Before I get into my favorites from the week, I want to share two things with you.

First, THIS:

all about them weights[source]

HAHA, get it?

Second, a FREE four-week online fitness and lifestyle challenge with you guys. One of my main sources of inspiration, Neghar Fonooni, is hosting the Fall Freedom Challenge beginning on Monday 10/27 and running right up to Thanksgiving. It’s designed to help women find freedom from food and fitness obsession. I joined for the four weeks worth of workouts, motivational emails, and community, and I hope you will too! Please note that I am not getting any type of affiliate income from promoting this challenge. I just honestly think that the world needs more Neghars! šŸ™‚

Did You Miss Any Posts This Week?

If you missed any F&F posts from the week, play catch up!

And now it’s time for another round of link love. Enjoy!

Friday Favorites




Worksite Wellness

Blogging and Social Media

Self Image, Life, and Inspiration

–Let’s chat–
Are you going to join the Fall Freedom challenge? What links did you love around the web this week? What’s up for your weekend?

For me: Gym friends get together tonight, overbooked on Saturday, and Patrice’s wedding on Sunday!


9 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites ~ 10.25.14

  1. I love the “All about that bass” parody!

    It got me thinking – I’ve been meaning to take a strength training class. (I want to get into weights but am clueless currently so instruction would be very helpful & motivating.)

    Do you have any suggestions for classes in MA that I should check out?


    • Hey! I teach at the Oak Square YMCA and would be happy to make some recommendations for classes there (Brighton). There is a great Learn to Lift class on Wednesday nights, and I teach early in the morning.

      Not sure if you feel comfortable writing where you live on the blog, but if you email me I can make some more suggestions based on what is in your area! Fitnessandfeta@gmail.com.


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