F&F Friday Favorites ~ 12.12.14

Hey guys, here are your links for the week. Enjoy the reading material!

Friday Favorites




Worksite Wellness

Blogging and Social Media

Self Image, Inspiration, and Life

If you missed anything on F&F, check out my recipe for healthy snacking with chickpeas, my Thanksgiving recap, and my experience at The Nutcracker this year. The giveaway to enter to win two free tickets to a show next week is open until Sunday!

–Let’s chat–
What have you been reading lately? Do any of these links speak to you today? What was the best part of your week, and what’s up for the weekend?

The best parts of my week were decorating our Christmas tree and overcoming my fear of jumping up to the chinup bar. Our weekend is party, party, party. Literally we have three holiday parties! Hope you guys have a great weekend.


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