F&F Friday Favorites ~ 12.19.14

Hello, hello! We’ve made it to Friday, hooray. *cue happy dance*

This week was a weird week. We had non-stop parties last weekend, and then I took a personal day on Monday for a doctor’s appointment. My days were all thrown off after that. As for blog posts, I hope you guys had a chance to check out my new recipe for farro salad with orange and cranberries (it’s the bomb) and my themed holiday gift guide for fitness fanatics. I spent a lot of time on that last one, so I hope you liked it!

Moving on to what I’ve read this week… enjoy!

Friday Favorites



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Self Image, Life, and Inspiration

–Let’s chat–
Tell me about your weeks, what’s up for the weekend, and what reads are resonating with you today.

On our agenda: Work Christmas party tonight, annual home friend Christmas party tomorrow (our FIFTEENTH!), and a free day on Sunday. Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “F&F Friday Favorites ~ 12.19.14

  1. Really liked that last article about the guy at the gym. I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to easy to push people too hard when they just start out, which can leave them feeling discouraged and too sore to continue. What that trainer did- giving him a 20 minute rule- was awesome, because he’s right- anything more is extra and we all feel good when we do extra 🙂 When i don’t want to work out, i tell myself to do 10 or 20 minutes, and often do extra which then makes me feel good!


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